Using the Parent Portal Checkout

After adding all desired class and camp enrollments to your shopping cart, you may click Proceed to Checkout from a button on the page or the shopping cart shortcut at the top of the page.

Note: If you have just completed a camp enrollment, you will be automatically redirected to the Shopping Cart Overview page.

Shopping Cart Overview

This checkout example uses the class enrollment and camp enrollment created in the previous articles.

  1. 1. Review the information about the enrollments in your cart.
    Note: Notice that this portal has been set up to automatically charge an Anniversary/Registration Fee, as this family has not yet paid one within the selected Anniversary Timeframe under Settings > Setup > General Settings > Configure Anniversary Charges.
  2. (optional) If the portal is set up to enable the use of promo codes and you have one, enter the Promo Code.
  3. (optional) Click Apply. This re-calculates the fees for the enrollments above. 
  4. If the information on the page is correct, click Continue. Shopping_cart_overview2.png

Stored Payment Information (AutoPay)

If the portal has been set up to require AutoPay information, or payment information that is stored on file, the next step will require you to enter some form of payment to be kept on file.

Note: This is separate from paying for the enrollments in the shopping cart, but it is required before you can proceed with your enrollment checkout.

To have the option to store and process Credit Cards or eChecks and for processing  immediate online payments, you must have a gateway account integrated with iClassPro.

To manually process NACHA files, or Bank Drafts, using ACH you must have enabled this feature under Settings > Transactions. Online payments cannot be made with payment this method.

  1. Select the form of Payment.
  2. Enter valid Payment Information.
  3. Click Submit Payment Information.

If customers are unsure about doing business with you or about what this payment information is going to be used for, they may stop the checkout process here without completing their enrollments.

For this reason, we recommend that you inform the customer what this payment information is used for (including types of charges, approximate amounts and drafting frequency) under the Rules and Policies, in the Billing Waiver section.

We also recommend that matching policies be posted on your website in such a way that they can easily be found, such as with a Google or a site search tool.


Submitting Payment for Enrollments

After reviewing the items in the shopping cart, and submitting autopay information (if required), you will be taken to a screen to collect payment.

  1. Review Billing Information about the transaction once again.
  2. Select a Form of Payment from the list of available options.
  3. Click Preview Payment. This will open a similar page, with the payment details such as the basic card information & amount.
  4. Click Process Payment. Appears where the Preview Payment button was previously at the bottom of the page.

Printable Confirmation

If the customer's information is submitted and processed without error, they will be directed to a confirmation page similar to the one shown here. This page can be printed for the customer's records.

The customer will also receive automated emails detailing information about their enrollment and the payment that was submitted.

Example Class Enrollment Info Email:


Parent Portal Automated Emails 

At this point, using the settings under Settings > Setup > General Settings > Email Templates, iClassPro will automatically send the customer emails for any enrollments included in the checkout, as well as a transaction email. 

Parent Portal Class Enrollment Email


 Parent Portal Camp Enrollment Email


The emails that your customer receives may differ from what you see here, depending on the steps you have taken to customize any branding or other information included in the templates. For more information about customizing these templates, click here!

Transaction Receipt Email 


Note: If you have enabled staff notifications for enrollments, the email address of your location will receive similar enrollment emails. All of this information will also be reported in your Online Activity.

For more information about how to process online activity, click here.


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