Creating a Camp Enrollment

Note: We Recommend that Business Owners, Office Managers and Employees Practice Enrolling Online.

There are a lot of settings that dictate how your parent portal works. In order to make sure that your portal is allowing customers to enroll exactly as you planned, you should first try enrolling with a test family yourself. This will enable you to help your customers with enrollment questions later on. 

While we are happy to provide support to our customers, it is up to you to assist your customers with the Parent Portal. Because we are not familiar with your business policies or account setup, it is our standard policy to direct any communications from your customers back to your business.

The settings for your parent portal can be found in your account under Settings>Parent Portal. From these settings, you may choose to disable certain features such as allowing customers to modify camp schedules to add or remove future blocks, displaying camp instructors, customer access to ledger history and even online payments. For more information about portal settings, click here.

From the Parent Portal tab in each individual camp, you can also adjust whether customers can Choose Days or Blocks from the camp schedule to enroll in individually and whether the enrollments are automatically approved. From the Details tab, you can also select whether to require a deposit or force the customer to pay in full to complete an enrollment. For more information about camp settings, click here.

After reviewing your settings and setting up a family account with students in the parent portal, it's time to enroll!

How to Create a Camp Enrollment

  1. Click on a Camp Type in the enrollment suggestions at the bottom of the Students page (option A below, Enroll in Holiday Camps button) or from the navigation bar (option B below, Holiday Camps Link) to begin! This will redirect you a list of available camps with that camp type!
    Note: Camp types are custom named, but you can always identify a camp link in the navigation bar by the star icon. Camp types will only display when there is an active camp set up with that type and it is in its registration period.
  2. From the camp list, use the available filters to narrow down the list of camps for your student!
    Select the desired filters, then click Submit.
    Review available camp details, schedules and more!
  3. After reviewing the list, click Enroll Now next to the camp you would like to enroll in.
  4. This takes you to a student selection screen.
    Select the student(s) you wish to enroll. Unlike classes, multiple students can be enrolled in a camp at once. If you wish to enroll students with different schedules, enroll them separately.
  5. Click Continue Enrollment.
  6. If the option to Allow Parents to Choose Days has been enabled for the camp, next you will Select the Day(s) or Block(s) the student(s) are to be enrolled.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If any User Defined Questions have been set up for this camp, the customer will be asked to Answer Camp Questions once for all students enrolling. If you wish to answer the questions differently for different students you are enrolling, enroll them separately.
  9. Click Continue Enrollment.
  10. Review the enrollment information. If you need to make adjustments, use the Back button to return to the previous screen. 
  11. If the information is correct, click Add to Cart.

This takes you to a shopping cart overview where you will see all items currently in your shopping cart. Now the Enrollment is in your Shopping Cart!


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