Creating a Class Enrollment

Note: We Recommend that Business Owners, Office Managers and Employees Practice Enrolling Online.

There are a lot of settings that dictate how your parent portal works. In order to make sure that your portal is allowing customers to enroll exactly as you planned, you should first try enrolling with a test family yourself. This will enable you to help your customers with enrollment questions later on. 

While we are happy to provide support to our customers, it is up to you to assist your customers with the Parent Portal. Because we are not familiar with your business policies or account setup, it is our standard policy to direct any communications from your customers back to your business.

The settings for your parent portal can be found in your account under Settings > Parent Portal. From these settings, you may choose to disable certain features such as automatic enrollment, displaying the number of class openings, class instructors or tuition amounts, customer access to ledger history and even online payments. For more information about portal settings, click here.

After reviewing your settings and setting up a family account with students in the parent portal, it's time to enroll!

How to Create a Class Enrollment

  1. Click on Classes in the enrollment suggestions at the bottom of the Students page (option A below) or from the links at the top of the navigation bar (option B below) to begin! This will redirect you to the classes list.
  2. From the classes page, use the available filters to narrow down the list of classes for your student!
    Select the desired filters, then click Submit.
    Review available class details, schedules, pricing and more!
  3. After reviewing the list, click Enroll Now next to the class you would like to enroll in.
  4. This takes you to the enrollment details screen. Remember, depending on the settings for your Parent Portal, some fields may vary.
    Choose the following:
    Enrollment Type- Active, Trial, MakeUp, Waitlist
    Student - Select a student from a list of students already added to your family account.
    Billing Schedule - Select the frequency you will be billed by. If given an option other than the default, pricing for the enrollment will adjust to match the price paired with the chosen billing schedule in the class billing tab in the admin side of the software.
    Session/Date- If using sessions, select an available session. All new enrollments in a session that has already begun will begin immediately.
    If not using sessions, customer will choose a start date which is confined to the number of days in the future established under your parent portal settings.
    Anything Else? - Notes entered here will display to staff members in online activity and will be stored with the enrollment in the enrollment notes.
  5. Click Continue Enrollment.
  6. Review the enrollment information. If you need to make adjustments, use the Back button to return to the previous screen. 
  7. If the information in the review is correct, click Add to Cart.

This takes you to a confirmation page. You will now also see an item in your Shopping Cart at the top right of the screen! Now the Enrollment is in your Shopping Cart!

Click on the shopping cart icon to expand the enrollment details or to access the Proceed to Checkout button at any point during the remainder of your Parent Portal session (as seen below).



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