Parent Portal New Account Creation

Creating a new account from the parent portal adds an entirely new family to the staff side of iClassPro.

That's why we recommend that if you have imported families, existing customers should use the Forgot Password option below the sign in area to retrieve a password the first time they login.

However, for businesses that are starting their customer databases from scratch or for brand new customers, the best option is to instruct customers to use the Create Account option from the home page of your parent portal.

The customer is directed to the New Account form.

New Account Form

After clicking Create Account, the customer will be taken to a form to verify the email address they wish to use to create their account.  This step involves receiving a confirmation code, so the customer will need to access that email account to complete the process. They will also be required to complete a Captcha verification:


After clicking "Send Email", the customer will be sent an email containing a verification token.

They can enter this verification code into the box on the next screen, or follow the link included in the email to enter it automatically.

After clicking "Validate" they will be taken to the account creation screen, where they must fill out basic family information.

This includes:

Responsible Parties - Parents, guardians, or other responsible parties that should be associated with the students on the account.

Email Addresses - One or more email addresses to be used to contact this family account. (The first email address is required and will be used as the family's primary email address for contact as well as the login email address for this account.)

When entering the email addresses, the family must choose whether they wish to opt in to receive all emails from your business.  This setting only affects informational emails that are sent using the Email Blast feature.  Customers will still receive transactional emails related to enrollments, statements or receipts regardless of whether they choose YES or NO.

Password - Password to be used to access the portal in the future.

Telephone Numbers - Phone numbers to be used to contact the responsible parties in this family account. (The first phone number is required and will be used as the primary phone number on this account.)

When entering the phone number, the family is given the option to choose whether they wish to opt-in to receive texts from your business. To comply with laws regarding marketing phone calls/texts this is set to "No" by default.

For more information regarding our SMS/Voice service, view our "Text Messaging (SMS) and Voice Broadcast" article.

Mailing Addresses - At least one address is required. If you have added multiple mailing addresses to the family profiles, the first will be used as the primary address on this account.

How did you hear about us? - Customers are required to select an answer. These answers are created under Settings>Setup>Family Settings>How Did You Hear About Us.

After completing the form, click Create Account again. (This creates the family on the staff side of the database.)


The customer is now directed to the Rules/Policies.

About the Rules/Policies Waiver

Before creating students, enrolling online or any other activity, a new account must first agree to the most recent version of your Rules/Policies as you have set up under Settings>Policies by signing an electronic agreement.

The agreement is split into three parts:

  1. Rules, Terms & Conditions - This is a good place to describe your services, guarantees, general operations policies, etc.
  2. Waiver of Liability - This section is intended to cover your policies on your limited liability in case of injury, necessary medical treatment, etc.
  3. Billing Authorization - This is where you describe what kinds of goods or services customers may be billed for (preferably with estimated amounts including any minimum or maximum billing amounts), your billing frequency, common billing dates, any information about the drafting of stored card or banking information, refund policies, etc.

Because customers must agree to every section of your policies, optional agreements should be signed in-facility on or before the first day of class. You may, however, choose to inform the customer that additional policies may be presented at the facility in this agreement. Many customers choose to use custom keywords and/or make notes on families indicating when optional agreements have been signed.

Signing the Rules/Policies Waiver

To electronically sign the agreement, the customer must check each box labeled "I acknowledge and agree to the Rules Terms & Conditions."

Then, the customer must click the button that appears at the bottom of the page "I acknowledge and agree to all policies."

After the customer clicks the button at the bottom of the page, iClassPro saves a copy of this agreement on file for the family with an electronic signature that includes the family name, the IP address over which the agreement took place and a date/time stamp. 

Because the customer had to physically take action (click buttons) to agree to this set of policies and adequate information is collected about the event, their signature is legally binding.


The customer is now directed to the Add Student page.

Add a Student Form

Next, the customer will enter information to add their first student. If you have any required Student Policies in place, parents will first need to accept these policies before they can continue with creating the student profile.


Required information on the student profile includes:

  1. Student's First & Last Name.
  2. Birthdate - From the drop-down menu, select the year of birth first, as dates will fall on different calendar days each year.
  3. Gender - Select either female or male (to follow gender restrictions on classes).

The Student Medical Information section will always display, but as it states, these are optional fields.

Finally, click Save Student.


The customer is now directed to the Students page.

What Happens Next?

After adding a student, the account creation process is complete!

Next, the customer can click on "Add another Student" to create another child account. (They will again be prompted to agree to any required student policies for that student.)

Or they can click one of the Enrollment Options at the bottom of the page to view classes and other activities you have set up to display on the parent portal!


Their navigation pane on the left side of the portal will also list enrollment options and allow the customer to go back and edit family or student information at any time.

Need More Assistance?

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