First Time Navigating the Parent Portal

Once you have your classes set up in iClassPro and your portal has been customized to match your branding, your next step is to get familiar with how it works.

This will also allow you to test out different customer scenarios so that you can help customers navigate the parent portal when they have questions.

If nothing else, we always recommend that you test out a few enrollments before linking your portal to your websites or sending out a link to customers, just to make sure the process is working as you had intended.

About the Home Page

Below is an example Home page. This is where customers will see any announcement text you have posted, as well as sign in, create an account, select a location (for multi-location accounts), etc.

To get to this page, customers will navigate to

Families - First Time Signing In

  •  If you have imported your families: any customers listed in the staff side of iClassPro will simply use the Forgot Password link below the sign in area the first time they log in to retrieve a password using the email address they have on file with your business. After logging in, they can review their family and student information for accuracy.
    In the example below, we have added a red box with instructions to display on the home page in the Announcement area of iClassPro's Parent Portal Settings to help existing customers sign in for the first time.
  • If you're starting from scratch: you can instruct them to click Create Account and begin entering the required information.



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