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Require CAPTCHA Verification for New Accounts

Want to make sure that new family is a human, and not a bot trolling the web for random forms to fill in? We've got a feature for that!

Under Settings > Parent Portal > General, you will find the option to "Require New Accounts to Enter a CAPTCHA". Checking this option will require all new account submissions through the portal to pass a CAPTCHA test.


What is a CAPTCHA?

Speaking simply, a CAPTCHA is a security measure that requires human eyes to interpret. Most "bots" or website crawlers designed to fill out forms with fake information cannot interpret images to pass a CAPTCHA test. This test presents the user with an image containing numbers, letters and/or other characters that the user then has to manually type into a field to complete the form.

If you choose to use the CAPTCHA feature, customers will encounter this test at the bottom of the new family/account screen (pictured below).



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