Adding a Location Header to your Portal

Custom headers for the Parent Portal are a great tool to strengthen your branding and add short announcements or marketing messages to the top of every page during the online registration process! Unlike other parent portal branding opportunities like the logo, color scheme, and announcement text, the Parent Portal headers can be unique to a specific location within your account to provide you with the most flexibility possible. 

Size Requirements

The size of your parent portal header is restricted to 920px wide by approximately 200-300 px tall for best results (though any height works). If you use a smaller or wider image than this, it will be automatically re-sized to fit, which can sometimes lead to pixelation. Once you have created an image, it's time to upload it!

Adding a Custom Image

To start, go to Settings > Location. 

1. Click Edit (pencil icon) next to the location you wish to add a header to.

2. Click on the Graphics tab.

3. Click Upload 920px Wide Image

4. Click Browse to find and select the image from your computer.

5. After selecting your image, click Upload. (It may take a few moments, but you should see your image appear in the window when it is finished.)

6. In the Location Details window, click Save.

Note: When clicked from the Parent Portal, your header image will re-direct to the website in the Web Address field listed under your Location Settings.

New Pic Upload Portal Header.png

When finished, you can preview your changes through your website integration or by going to 
Settings > Parent Portal > Integration and clicking Preview.Untitled.png


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