About the Parent Portal

What is the Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal is a webpage unique to your iClassPro account which allows customers to view available classes, login, register/enroll online, make payments, update family or student information, check on enrollments and more!

Setting Up

Settings > Parent Portal

The portal configuration process allows you to insert branding and choose the capabilities that customers have as far as enrollment options, new registrations, etc.

LOGO AND ANNOUNCEMENTS settings include adding your logo, choosing a color scheme, and including welcome text and graphics to appear on the homepage. 

Note: If your account has multiple locations, you can specify a custom parent portal header image here to serve as a placeholder until your visitors choose a specific location.  You can upload a custom parent portal header image for each location within your iClassPro account by going to Settings > Location and editing each location.  If you only have one location, you need to upload the parent portal header image to Settings > Location instead of here.

GENERAL OPTIONS include permissions to allow customers to sign up for new accounts, select a default location, show camps and classes online, pick a class/camp sorting option, display tuition amounts, display class or camp instructors, display class levels, permit drop or transfer requests to be submitted, and more! 

CLASS REGISTRATION options determine whether you use a request or automatic approval system for class enrollments. These settings can also limit the types of requests customers can submit, whether or not the customer's account is billed, and whether or not payment is required upon registration. 

CLASS FILTERS toggle which filters are available for customers to use when searching for classes online.

CAMP REGISTRATION options determine how customers can register for camps, including whether or not an Anniversary or Registration fee should be charged in addition to the individual camp tuition.

FINANCIAL options include whether or not the customer is required to save information on file for your business, the amount of past charge and payment history shown when a parent logs in online, and whether or not to allow partial payments or promo codes to be applied online.

More About Class/Camp Registration Settings

Detailed Descriptions of Parent Portal Settings

Examples of Parent Portals

Cheer Athletics

Emler Swim School

Kids First Too

Sunshine Gymnastics

Linking the Parent Portal to your Website

In order for customers to find your online registration, you will want to link the Parent Portal directly to your webpage. This should only be done after your settings have been configured. Below are some instructions on how to create links.

Using Pre-Formatted Buttons

Within your iClassPro account settings, there is a section dedicated to integrating your portal that includes HTML code for some pre-formatted buttons to include on your website. To insert these pre-formatted buttons, you will need to be able to directly edit the HTML code on a section of your website where the buttons will appear. This is usually done through a special text editor view.

More Information on Inserting HTML Code

Settings > Parent Portal > Integration


Using Custom Buttons

Alternatively, you can create your own buttons with a hyperlink. To get the correct links, you can also preview your parent portal via the integration section of your iClassPro account.

More Information on Creating Custom Buttons


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