Creating Custom Parent Portal Buttons for your Website

You don't have to know much about design or have any fancy software to create basic buttons to match your website's branding. Any button on your website is essentially an image that, when clicked, links you to another page online. With that said, it's super easy to create your own button images, insert them on your website, and hyperlink them to access iClassPro's Parent Portal! This article will give you the basics of what you need to do get your own custom buttons.

Creating & Posting Your Buttons

  1. Copy the link you want the button to go to. In order to get a link for the parent portal, simply go to USER PANEL>PARENT PORTAL and click on the "Preview Parent Portal" button. You can then copy the direct links to pages from the URL at top of the page. Pages which require the user to log in do not have a directly accessible link. 
    Note: You can also use the links in the grey box of the SETTINGS>PARENT PORTAL>WEBSITE INTEGRATION section to get to the Class Schedules, Parent Login, and Create an Account Pages (links listed in that order). Pages that require log in cannot be reached with a button hyperlink and will be redirected to the login page.
  2. Design your button! Be as creative or as simplistic as you like. Whether you have a creative artist design your buttons, or you're making them yourself in a simple paint program, have an idea of where it will appear on your website. You don't want the button to clash with the other items on the page or be too large or too small for that spot! Save the button as an image file (PNG to allow transparent sections or JPEG for square/rectangle buttons).
    Note: A graphic designer, creative, or website designer will have the advanced skills necessary to take an image with multiple buttons and map it so that they are all click-able, make certain parts of it highlight when moused over, etc. If you are looking for this kind of customization, we recommend sending it to a professional.
    Here is an example of a simple button image made in Paint: 
  3. Upload or copy and paste the image to your website for use! (This requires a basic understanding of how to edit your website.) If you are putting the image in a main navigation bar, you will probably need to upload it first using your website's file system. If the button is going in the main body of the page under the navigation, you may be able to copy and paste it into position.
  4. After inserting the image, select or highlight it. The next step is going to be to create the link. Your web editor may have a special way to link the image from an image menu (which often opens after double clicking the image in the editor), but when it's included in a text field, you can also highlight it and use the chain-style icon to create a hyperlink for the image. Find the hyperink option in your website editor.
  5. Paste in the link of the page you want the button to be directed to. You may also have additional options on how to handle the link, such as opening it in a new tab or window.
  6. Save your changes and test. Gaze at your handy-work! Click it! Make sure it works and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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