Making Your Parent Portal Work for You

In modern society, more and more businesses are discovering the power of the internet. Our Parent Portal feature is a great way to join the trend in making registration and transactions easier for your class-based business. The first step is integrating the parent portal, which is your customers' side to iClassPro.

From the parent portal, customers can view class and camp offerings, register online, be charged upon registration for tuition an anniversary fees, make payments online, view their children's schedules, make requests for enrollment changes, and much more!

Integrating with the iClassPro Parent Portal

Step 1: Go to Settings > Parent Portal in your iClassPro account.

The iClassPro Parent Portal links to your own web page via buttons. You can design your own buttons and links by using the Preview Parent Portal button seen below and using the direct website URL.

You can also use our pre-programmed buttons on your website by copy and pasting the code in the box on your integration page into your website (also seen below). 

Details: The code will need to be entered into a text field on your website using the Source, HTML or "< >" button before pasting in the information. If this code is pasted in without clicking a button to edit the source, it will appear on your website as seen below instead of creating buttons. If you are not familiar with editing your website, send the code to your web developer to be added to the site.

Customize the Parent Portal

Now it’s time to get to the “nuts and bolts” of your Parent Portal. Customize the parent portal by configuring the rest of the settings under iClassPro Settings>Parent Portal.

Marketing and Branding Section

Customize your parent portal with a default Header Image (optional header images for specific Locations can also be uploaded under Settings>Locations) Logo, Color Theme of your choice, and Homepage Text. Homepage Text is a great way to welcome your new and existing Customers as well as give them an idea of what they can do in your Parent Portal. You can insert images or embed videos.

Here's a great example below. The homepage text is the area that appears on the home page right above "Member Login." 

Settings for the homepage text, logo, and parent portal theme:

General Options

Allow Visitors to Create New Accounts Online.

  • This allows potential customers to create a new account. 

Show Camps and Allow Visitors To Register For Them.

  • This will enable the camps page to show online in the portal. Individual camps also have controls to show online and allow web registration for maximum control.

Show Parties and Allow Visitors To Register For Them.

  • This will enable the party booking page to show online in the portal. 

Show Class/Camp/Party List If Not Logged In.

  • Allows visitors to view your Class/Camp/Party schedule(s) without being logged in.

Show FULL or OPEN Instead of the Number of Openings

  • If this setting is enabled, opening numbers will not show. Only the words OPEN or FULL will show next to each class.

Show Class/Camp Levels

  • Choose whether or not custom levels, tied to classes and camps, will show in the More Details section of the class/camp details.

Show Class/Camp Instructors

  • Choose whether or not the instructors tied to classes and camps, will show in the More Details section of the class/camp details.

Show Tuition Amounts

  • Choose whether or not to show the tuition amount attached to the class in the class details.

Allow Drop Requests

  • Allows you to enable/disable the ability for customers to request to drop class enrollments online through the Parent Portal. These are only requests-- each will require approval by a staff member through online activity.

Allow Transfer Requests

  • Allows you to enable/disable the ability for customers to request transfers for any current enrollments online through the Parent Portal. These are only requests-- each will require approval by a staff member through online activity.

Show Full Class Description If Not Logged In.

  • By checking this box, the class description will be display to those not logged into your Parent Portal. Unchecked means the user will have to login to view the descriptions.

Default Session to Show On The Class List

  • Should you run your Facility on a Session or Rolling Session basis, this gives you the ability to pre-select the session filter in the parent portal class list. Should that customer want to see a different session of classes, they then have to change the Session to reflect the classes they would like to see. This should always be set to the session you are currently accepting enrollments for.

Sort Classes/Camps.

  • You have a choice to sort your classes by Name or by Date/Time of each class.

Default Location

  • Should you have more than one location, you can set a default location for customers to be directed to.

Class Registration

Count Class Requests against Openings.

  • This means requests will count against openings before the enrollment is approved or denied. . (Example: If you have class with 10 openings and 10 requests, it will show as full even though you haven't approved or denied the requests. This can prevent from receiving more requests than you can fulfill.)

Allow Visitors To Request A Start Date For Non-Session Classes

  • For classes that use "This class bills monthly" and are NOT tied to Sessions or Rolling Sessions, allow customers to choose a start date for their enrollment. Then, limit the start date to a certain number of days into the future (suggested 2 weeks, as this enrollment could take up an opening in the class that another student might fill in sooner).

Allow Visitors To Request A Class That Is Full.

  • This allows your parent to request to be put on the waitlist. This could be a good thing because you can gauge the demand for that class and create another class that can be held at the same time, with a different instructor.

Allow Visitors To Request A Makeup Enrollment.

  • This enables customers to choose the enrollment type of "Makeup" online. All Makeup enrollments will come through Online Activity as a request for staff member approval. No charges will accompany makeup enrollments.

Allow Visitors To Request A Trial Enrollment.

  • This enables customers to choose the enrollment type of "Trial" online. All Trial enrollments will come through Online Activity as a request for staff member approval. No charges will accompany trial enrollments.

Allow Visitors to request a Class for a Student that Does Not Meet Class Requirements

  • This option allows customers who do not meet the age, gender or grade requirements of a class to submit a request for consideration by staff members. 

Allow Visitors To Request A Drop Date On New Enrollment Requests

  • Allows a parent to end an enrollment whenever they like. Most users don't have a need for this, but this is helpful if you want parents to be able to register for just one or two weeks of class. If this is disabled, a separate drop notice would have to be completed for them to have a drop date.

Allow Parent To Override Default Billing Schedule.

  • If you have multiple billing schedules set up on classes, this feature enables customers to select their preferred billing schedule from a drop down list of those billing schedules attached to the class.

Auto-Approve Requests (Live Enrollments). Will Not Auto-Approve If A Class Is Full or Student does not Meet Class Requirements.

  • This feature will allow a student to be enrolled in that class without you having to approve the request. iClassPro will only complete the enrollment if the student meets the age and gender requirements of the class. (Monthly, Session, etc)

Send Email Notification Upon Auto-Enrollment to Email Address of Class Location

  • This will automatically send an email notification of new enrollments to the gym's locatoin email address.

Auto-Charge First Tuition. (Requires Auto-Approve Enabled.)

  • When an enrollment is set to be automatically approve, a charge will be automatically be created the tuition for that class. To create this tuition, an Auto-Charge Charge Category must also be selected from the first drop down menu at the bottom of the class registration section.

Anniversary Fee (If Not Paid In The Last 12 Months, Or Based On Your Timeframe). Requires Auto-Charge Enabled.

  • If you have your setting set to auto-charge the first enrollment, you can set this feature to attach an Anniversary Charge as well for those customers which have not paid it within the specified time frame in your settings. To use this feature, you will also be required to select an Anniversary Fee Charge Category (a label for the anniversary fee) and an Anniversary Fee Program (where to record the income - we recommend creating an Anniversary or Registration Fee program) from the drop down menus at the bottom of the class registration section.

Requires Payments For Enrollments. (Requires Auto – Charge Enabled)

  • This requires a parent to pay for the charge before completing the enrollment process. It's recommended you use this before auto-approving requests.

Auto-Created Charges Set The Due Date To X Days In The Future.

  • This type field controls how the due date on the charge that is being created is set. This is particularly important for businesses that do not require payment online. The due date will be X days in the future from today, where X equals a number you enter in the field below this setting. If left blank the due date will be the same as the charge date.

Auto-Charge Charge Category.

  • Select a charge category label to use for all online class enrollments.

Auto-approve Tax Rates.

  • Apply Tax to the class charges. Leaving this blank means no tax will be applied.

Anniversary Fee Charge Category.

  • Select a charge category label to use for all anniversary fees assessed (class or camp enrollment).

Anniversary Fee Tax Rate.

  • Apply Tax to the anniversary charges created. Leaving this blank means no tax will be applied.

Anniversary Fee Program.

  • Select an income program to track all anniversary fees assessed (class or camp enrollment).

Class Filters

This allows you to further customize the class list page in the parent portal. Simply choose which filters you want to be available for searching the class list online. Checked means the filter will show. Unchecked means it will be hidden. 

Camp Registration

Count Camp Requests Against Openings

  • This works the same as on the class. Camp enrollment requests will count against the openings even before it is approved or denied. This can prevent you from receiving too many requests for a camp that you can't fulfill. But, at the same time, you may not want to enable this if you want to receive ALL requests even if the camp is full.

Allow Visitors To Request A Camp That Is Full.

  • This gives customers the ability to send you a request to enroll in a Camp that is full. You then have the ability to over-ride the enrollment limit to complete the enrollment.

Allow Visitors to Request A Camp For A Student That Does Not Meet Camp Requirements Such As Age Or Gender.

  • Gives visitors the ability to request an enrollment in a Camp without meeting your gender or age requirements. If the setting is checked and the student does not meet the requirements, the request is sent in to the staff using the Online Activity section of iClassPro for approval. If it is unchecked, the customer will receive a warning message if the student they are trying to enroll does not meet age or gender requirements and will not be allowed to continue.

Require Payment When Modifying Camp Schedules.

  • Allows you to require a payment for families which are modifying an existing camp enrollment to include more days. The drop down menu will give you two options:

    Charge the Difference-
    Charge an amount b
    ased on the difference in pricing listed the pricing schedule for each number of blocks (before and after the modification).

    Charge the Remainder Owed-  
    Charge an amount based on the difference between what has already been charged to the customer and the new price for the enrollment as seen in the pricing schedule.

Charge Nothing if Deposit Due Only is set on the Camp When Modifying a Schedule.

  • In the case that a customer is editing an existing camp enrollment to add more days, and the only charge/payment up front for that camp is the deposit amount, this will not add any additional fees for the remaining balance because it assumes the deposit amount has already been paid.

Anniversary Fee

  • This feature uses the Anniversary fee program and charge category selected in the class registration section to also charge this fee for customers who have not paid within the time frame on your Anniversary Settings and who are signing up for a camp.

Allow Parent to Modify Camp Schedule

  • Lets customers modify an existing camp enrollment to add or remove blocks.

Auto-Approve Charge Category.

  • Select a charge category label to record on the charges created for all camps. This is a required field, even if you are not charging up front online for any of your camps because the camps can each be set to charge differently.

Auto-approve Tax Rate.

  • Apply Tax to the camp charges. Leaving this blank means no tax will be applied.

Send Email Notification Upon Auto-Enrollment To Email Address Of Camp Location.

  • An email will be sent to the location email address to notify staff members of the new camp enrollment.


List Accepted Credit Cards

  • Check the box next to each type of credit card you wish to display as accepted. Note: Any cards accepted by your gateway/merchant will still be allowed. This is merely a graphic indicator to help customers.

Require Saved Payment Method Authorized for Recurring Billing.

  • This forces your customers to save eCheck or Credit Card information on file with you before enrolling into any class. This works differently than the "Requires Payment" setting. This stores the payment information under the family's Payment Options. When checked, customers will first be asked to submit payment information to be stored, then they will be asked to pay for any enrollments.

Require Recurring Billing for Trial Enrollments 

  • If you are allowing customers to submit requests for trial enrollments, this will also require them to store payment information, even for these free enrollments.

Show Full Ledger History, Not Just The Last 30 Day History.

  • Your customer will have the ability to see any and all money paid/charged to their account. (Some of our clients opt out of this feature because some parents can be shocked at how much they spend at your facility over a long period.)

Allow Visitors To Generate A Statement.

  • This gives your customers the ability to generate statements on their own for any outstanding charges.

Show The Account Credit In The Ledger.

  • You can show your customers if they have non-applied payments or credit associated with their account. While customers cannot apply this credit directly through the parent portal, they may contact your facility to complete an enrollment and use the credit from the staff side.

Allow Partial Payments and Minimum Partial Payment Amount.

  • Gives you the option to allow your parents to make a partial payment towards any outstanding charges that are not overdue. (Overdue charges must be paid in full.) You can also limit the minimum amount of the payment that can be made to cover your transaction fees.

Allow Promo Codes

  • This enables the entry of promo codes on classes and camps when registering online. If the class/camp does not have any promo codes associated with it, no discounts will be applied.

Require Past Due And Priority Charges Must Be Paid In In Full First.

  • This requires the customer to pay any charges that are overdue. You can also set Priority Charges using the filters below which must be paid before other outstanding charges. Simply select a Charge Category for priority fees that must be paid before paying for other items.

    Note: This does not prevent customers from creating and paying for new enrollments. This only affects the way the "Make a Payment" or "Pay Tuition" page works. From that page, if a priority charge is not selected to be paid, then no other charges can be paid.

Remember to Save your New Settings

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