How to Add the Parent Portal Code to your Website

Easy Integration Steps

To add the code for the Parent Portal to be opened from your website, you will need to have access to an editable HTML version of your website. If your web development is outsourced, you can send a copy of the code to your web development team.

iClassPro has supplied a copy of the code for you in your account settings. To get started, go to SETTINGS>PARENT PORTAL>WEBSITE INTEGRATION

From there, you can follow the instructions:

  1. Copy the code provided in the grey box.
  2. Paste the code into the desired section of your html source page.
  3. View the page from your website!

Want to customize the look of the portal links on your website?

To learn how to create custom buttons or links from your website to the Parent Portal, click here.

Not sure you want to go live yet?

No problem! Don't post links to your Parent Portal on your website until you are ready for customers to begin using it. You can still preview and test your Parent Portal before making the links public on your webpage by going to USER PANEL>PARENT PORTAL.

If you just need to temporarily disable the Parent Portal for any reason, we have included an option to do so under SETTINGS>PARENT PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS.

Need More Assistance?

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