Navigating the Conflicting Enrollments Window

The duplicate enrollment window is an extra precaution we have put into iClassPro when we detect that an enrollment you are creating for a student conflicts with or is the same as an enrollment that already exists for that student. This window will list the existing enrollment(s) that conflict with the enrollment you have just tried to create (through an individual new class enrollment or through group enroll feature).

How do I use it?

When the window pops up, it will automatically check the box next to each student it found with conflicting enrollments and those enrollments are displayed below the student. The check mark means that the student's new enrollment will try to save again when you click save at the bottom of the window.

I want to continue with the new enrollment: If you would like to save the new enrollment, use the edit icon next to the duplicate or conflicting enrollment to make the necessary changes to drop or edit that enrollment. After saving those changes, save at the bottom of this window to try processing the new enrollment again.

I want to cancel the new enrollment: If you would like to cancel the new enrollment in favor of the existing enrollment listed in the window, simply close the window.

I am group enrolling students and only want to continue enrolling some of the students shown: If you want to skip one or more of the students displayed in the window but process changes and try saving the enrollment again for others at the same time, simply un-check the box next to the student's names that you do not want enrolled.



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