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Unsubscribe Families from Email Blasts

Why have the option to unsubscribe?

By law, customers must have the option to opt out of marketing emails sent by a business. For this reason, an unsubscribe option is automatically included in each email sent from the Email Blast feature on the Family and Student pages. This will not affect the family receiving statements or enrollment emails.

In every email you send out from the email blast wizard, a link as shown below will be at the bottom of the email. 



When a recipient clicks that link, they are redirected to your parent portal where they will receive confirmation that their email has been unsubscribed. 


You can also manually unsubscribe or resubscribe by editing a family. You will see a check box right under the email address field called "Unsubscribe From Email Blasts." Families can resubscribe themselves from the parent portal under their family information.

If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please feel free to contact support! 


Please keep in mind that for best results when emailing custoers, you should file an SPF record and always use a domain based email that matches your website (such as info@YourWebsite.com).


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    Chuck Valecek

    I understand this with annoying marketing emails. But when I send out a reminder email, lets say tuition past due I don't want the person receiving the email to opt out of anymore emails. I would not be able to send anymore reminders

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    Redland City Gymsports Inc

    Our club advises parents of class cancellations and other vital information via Email Blast so the Unsubscribe function is extremely bad!  Is there a way to disable it, i.e. remove from emails which aren't marketing?

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