Student List Report (STU-1)

Almost every bit of information entered into iClassPro can be tied to a student via their family or an enrollment. Because of this, the Student List Report in iClassPro is by far one of the most diverse reports we have to offer.

By default, the student list report (STU-1) simply includes student names, guardian names and phone numbers in one report. But it offers many more optional fields that contain useful information.

Optional Filters

  • Status (whether the student is active as of the date you are running the report)
  • Date Filters (specify whether the students you are searching for are active or inactive before, during or after a particular date)
  • Session (only students active in a particular Session - NOT rolling sessions)
  • Program (only students in a particular program)
  • Level (only students in a specific level)
  • Class (only students in a specific class)
  • Billing Schedule (only students with enrollments in a particular billing schedule)
  • Day of Week (only students in classes that take place on a particular weekday)
  • Instructor (only students in a class with a particular instructor)
  • Keyword (only students connected with a particular family, student or class keyword)
  • Locations (All locations, rather than the current location)

Optional Fields

  • Show Age (as age or birthdate)
  • Show Association ID
  • Show Gender
  • Show Email (primary email)
  • Show Keywords (student keywords)
  • Show Anniversary Date (student anniversary)
  • Show Roll Sheet Comment
  • Show Balance Due (family ledger balance)
  • Show Last Payment (family's last payment date)
  • Show Address (primary address separated into street address, city/state/country, zipcode for mailers)
  • Show Classes (Full class history per student, with additional info below)
    - Show Levels (per class)
    - Show Instructor (per class)
    - Show Timeslots (schedule per class)
    - Show Enrollment Notes (per class)
    - Show Start and Drop Date (per class)
    - Show Class Tuition (per class)

Common Use Cases

"I need a list of everyone who was active in March 2015 to compare to this year's enrollments."

This one would require the Status set to "All" because the students active in March 2015 may or may not be active now. The Date Filters button would need to be pressed and the option "Active During" would be set with the dates of March 1st through 31st of 2015. If you are interested in which classes the students might have been taking, check "Show classes" and "Show Start and Drop Date". Run the report again using this year's March dates to do a comparison.

"I need a list of everyone who was taking our pre-team classes last year to send them a mailer about tryouts for this year."

Set the Status filter to "All" since you do not know whether or not these students are currently enrolled. The next filter depends on your setup. If you have a "Pre-team" program, you can filter by the Pre-team Program. If not, you would need to run the report once for each class. Choose "Show Address" to get the address information separated out into street, city/state/country and zip code for the mailer.

"I need to know which of our active students/families currently have a balance due."

Run the report with the Status set to "Active" to get the balance for all students currently enrolled, then choose "Show Balance Due". You may also choose to "Show Last Payment" for a better idea of which customers may need to be contacted.

Note: If you want to see all customers with a balance due as of a specific date, the Aged Accounts report is a better option.

"I would like a list of all students in our system who are currently ages 6-8." 

You can run the student list report with the Status set to "All", then select to show their age as either a year/month age or birthdate. Age will give you their age as of the current date. Using birthdate allows you a little more flexibility about when the student will be within the 6-8 year old range. Generate the report in XLS or CSV and open it with a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to sort students by age and easily remove any students outside of the desired age range.

There are many more ways that this report can be used to get the information you would like out of the database. So the next time you're looking for a report about student information, give it a try! 

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