Find Your Top Customers in Three Easy Steps

Do you have a loyalty program or reward customers for spending more with your business? The Applied Payment Summary Report (FIN-14) can be used to find those customers!

  1. Generate the Report
    Go to Reports > Financial > Families Applied Payment Summary (FIN-14).
    This report can be generated over a custom date range (when your customers spent the money at your business) for a specific Program, or area, of your business and even with a certain Charge Category or label on the charges.
    Note: To do any sorting on the results, you will want to use the CSV or XLS export options at the bottom of the filters and download the report from your background tasks.
  2. Find Your Top Customers
    Open the document you generated on your computer.
    Earlier, we recommended using CSV or XLS. You can open these document types for sorting in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software. Once the file is open, you will notice it sorts alphabetically by default. Highlight the numbers in the  "Amount" column, and filter from largest to smallest to put your big spenders at the top of the list! Find your top families or students in the spreadsheet.
  3. Look up your customers in iClassPro to let them know! 
    From the Family or Student page in iClassPro, find the names from the spreadsheet to send communications or assign a special keyword to help track your most loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

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