Roll Sheets, Rosters, Sign-In Sheets

Below is some information that might be helpful when looking for a Roll Sheet, Roster or Sign-in Sheet for classes and camps.

Roll Sheets: (Classes)

Location: Reports > classes > CLA-4

Details: You can select any of the filters to accurately pull the desired classes your wanting. There is also many "report output" options you can check or un-check to add or subtract depending on your needs.

Camp Enrollments Report: (Camps)

Location: Reports > camps > CMP-2

Details: This is a great report that will allow you to view a desired camp(s) and students enrollments by day.

Camp Sign In/Sign Out: (Camps)

Location: Reports > camps > CMP-4

Details: This is a great report for you to use to allow your clients to sign into the camp(s) when attending. It will list the student name and fields are open for signature.

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