Using the Students Enrolled but Not Charged Report

Occasionally, circumstances may arise when a student that needs to be charge is missed for a number of different reasons.You might want reassurance that your staff hasn't forgotten to charge someone. That's where the Students Enrolled but Not Charged report comes in. This report will go through all of your students and compare the number of enrollments to the number of tuition charges and report any discrepancies. Using this report is also fairly easy as well. 

  1. Go to Reports > Financial > FIN-13 Students Enrolled but Not Charged
  2. Select the enrollment active date (when to look for active enrollments that have not been charged) and select a Filter Options from the drop down menu.
    Filter Options:
    Families with Enrollments Without matching charges- will look for a charge on the family's ledger with the exact enrollment and charge category. Returns students with one or more enrollments that do not have an associated charge. This can include class transfers which were charged under the original enrollment, but have since transferred to a different class for the same amount and the charge was not updated.
    Families with more enrollments than charges- will look for a total number of enrollment charges per family and compare that number to the number of enrollments for the family. This returns students who do not have an equal number of enrollment charges as enrollments matching your filters.
    Families with no charges- will look for families with no class tuition charges.
  3. Choose your file type to run the report. 

Note: If students have transferred from one class to another before classes begin, the payment for the initial class will not transfer with them. Therefore, they will show up as not being charged for the current enrollment, even though they have been charged for the previous one. You can edit the initial enrollment charge by adding a new line item  for the current class and deleting the line item for the old charge.

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