The Student Skill Tree Report

The Student Skill Tree Report helps to show a students progress on the skills, along with showing specific instructor notes. This report is great for allowing instructors to compare students of a certain level or to hand out to parents as a progress report. Not sure how to use a skill tree? Get help setting yours up here.

  1. Go to Reports > Students > STU-8 Student Skill Tree Report
  2. Choose the filters to find who should appear on the report, such as student active status, program, session, class, instructor, locations, etc. 
  3. With the second set of filters, choose what skills appear on the report being generated be checking the boxes next to the skills.
    Note: Using "Show only Set Skills" and "Show only Students with Set Skills" will save paper by not printing students or skills which have not been evaluated.
  4. Choose the output type at the bottom of the screen to run the report.

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