Understanding Line Item Types

A line item type is used to classify the type of charge being run in iClassPro. This type acts as a reference point for other features of the software.

What are the Line Item Types? There are five basic Line Item Types in iClassPro.  These Line Item types each represent different kinds of charges that can be assessed to a family or student in iClassPro. Each of these line items creates a different kind of charge (tracked behind the scenes) that is used for reporting and preventing duplicate transactions. That's why it is important to understand the purpose of each line item type in iClassPro.

Class Tuition 

Class Tuition is a line item type that is used to record tuition charged to a family account for a class enrollment. It is referenced by the Prevent Duplicate Transactions feature when billing class tuition globally from the transactions page (to charge all enrollments under a specific billing schedule). When using this feature, iClassPro first looks up any previous Class Tuition line items for the current enrollments; then it looks for enrollments which match the currently selected Charge Category. If iClassPro finds a charge within a specified time period with all of the same information, it will not create a duplicate charge for that family/student.

Note: Class charges issued through the transactions page will automatically use the Class Tuition line item type.

Camp Tuition

Camp Tuition is a line item type that is used to record tuition charged to a family account for a camp enrollment. It is important to record camp tuition separately from the class tuition to pull the correct amount to be charged according to the camp's pricing schedule. Since billing classes works differently than billing camps they are two distinct tuition types.

Note: Camp charges issued through transactions page will automatically use the Camp Tuition line item type.


The Anniversary line item type is used to record anniversary charges (frequently referred to as registration charges.) It is important to record all anniversary charges as the anniversary line item type so that iClassPro can accurately detect if an anniversary fee has been charged for a family/student within the anniversary time frame.

Note: Charges issued through the Anniversary Charges transaction will automatically use the Anniversary line item type.


The Other line item type is used to record miscellaneous fees such as ProShop items, competition fees, administrative fees, etc. It is important to record these types of transactions using the Other line item type so that  billing for Anniversaries and Tuitions are still charged correctly.

Note: Any time you use the Group/Mass Charge feature from a Family, Student, or class page OR when using the "Create Offsetting Charge Entry" option on the New Payment window, iClassPro will automatically record the line item type as Other.


The Discounts line item type is used to manually apply a discount to a charge. This can only be utilized as a separate line item under the same charge as the item you would like to be discounted. It can be entered as a dollar or percentage amount off of the total charge.

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