Payment Types and Credit Types

Payments and credits are entered from the New Payment window in iClassPro. They can be entered separately as different payments or at the same time so that they are combined as one payment on the ledger.  Be sure to correspond entries for payment types with payment amounts and credit types with credit amounts. 

There are seven Payment Types to choose from in iClassPro. It is important for your accounting practices to know the difference between these types when entering payments.

Unapplied payments must be applied directly from the ledger, using the green "Apply Credit" icon next to a specific payment or charge.

The Payment Types

Autopay- Autopay is a feature that will be available for any family who has autopay information saved in their family details. NOTE: requires that a payment gateway has been configured on your account.

Credit Card Manual- The credit card manual option allows you to process a credit card through your gateway.  this will require you to enter the Card Information including the name on the card, credit card number, 3-4 digit CCV, expiration date, and billing address. NOTE: requires that a payment gateway has been configured on your account

Credit Card Swipe- The credit card swipe payment method requires you to have a card swiper connected to your computer to process the charge. NOTE: requires that a payment gateway has been configured on your account and a USB Card Swiper set to Keyboard Emulation Mode (KEM).

The ability to accept specific Credit Card brands must be configured under SETTINGS>TRANSACTIONS>CONFIGURE ACCEPTED CREDIT CARD TYPES, as well as enabled in your payment gateway settings.

E-Check- The e-check option is another transaction which utilizes your gateway and allows you to process electronic checks.

External Credit Card Device- The external credit card device allows you to keep records of an external credit card transaction (such as a cash register purchase) in your iClassPro Database. This does not actually process any charges and will not require any credit card information. This action simply balances the account like a cash or check entry would.

Cash- Allows you to enter any cash transactions to balance the family's ledger and show that their balance is up to date.

Check- Enter any traditional checks you receive to track a family's balance. For good bookkeeping, enter the check number in the Reference/Check # field for future inquiries.

Credit Types

Also in the New Payment window in iClassPro is an area reserved for issuing credits. There are 3 Credit Types to choose from. Below is an explanation of each of those credit types:

Coupon- If a customer uses a coupon for a discount, you would enter the discounted amount here in the coupon field. This allows you to create the appropriate charge for your records, then apply both the payment and coupon discount at the same time. The coupon amount will be added to the total of the payment.

House- House credits are generally reserved for comps or preferred customers. This indicates that the gym provided the customer with general purpose credit on their account.

Other- This credit type can be used for any credits which do not fit the description of other two credit types. For example, many iClassPro customers use this category to carry over credit from a previous software which may still be available on a family's account.

GiftCard - This credit type is reserved to be used when issuing credit following the purchase of a Gift Certificate.


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