Creating Miscellaneous Group Charges

This is useful for charging items such as competition fees, uniforms, etc. (Used for any Non-Tuition or Non-Anniversary related items.)

Note: If you are using a multi-location iClassPro account, be sure that you have the location selected at the top of the page that you want to be associated with this charge.

To create a Misc./Group Charge, go to the family or student page to create the charge.

From the FAMILIES page, you will be creating one charge per family. From the STUDENTS page, you can create one charge per student. 

  1. Use the Search filters to find the group of students or families you wish to charge. (Be sure to limit the results to ACTIVE families/students only if you are using Class/Program filters to charge only active students.)
  2. Check the families or students you wish to charge or click "Select All" to choose all of them.
  3. In the page footer, click the Create a Charge button (the icon that looks like a stack of coins).

  4. In the new charge window, choose the line item type "Other" to create the charge.
  5. Select a Program, Charge Category and enter an Amount for the charge. 
  6. (Optional) To apply a Discount or charge Tax on a specific line item in the charge, use the fields below the line item amount.
  7. Click Add Line Item to add this line item to the charge entry.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for any additional items in the charge.
  9. Click Save to save all line items in this charge window as individual single ledger entries.

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