Posting Manual Charges to Families

  1. Find the family on the families page.
  2. Click the "$" ledger button by the family. This will open a preview of the ledger.
  3. Click the "New Charge" button to start editing a new charge.
  4. Fill inthe title, due date, date.
    • The title, if left blank, will be the title of the first line item in the charge.
    • The due date is when the charge will be counted overdue.
    • The date is when the charge is created.
  5. Select a line item type for the charge and edit the information to the right. For more about line items, click here!
  6. Click the "Add Line Item" button. This will add the line item to the total charge.
  7. Add any additional line items.
  8. Either Save or Split Save
    • Save will simply save the charge with all line items listed underneath it. 
    • Split save will split the line items in the charge into their own separate charges.

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