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Adding Gateway Information and Available Gateways

What is a Gateway?

A gateway (or payment gateway) is a third party service that securely stores or submits transaction information between a business (or business software) and a merchant account for processing. It secures the information, performs initial card or account validation, can store payment information using customer profiles, and batches transactions through to a merchant account at the end of the business day. Gateways can typically process credit cards, debit cards, and bank account information using eChecks.


Associated Fees: The monthly service and transaction fees for each of these options can vary by gateway company. Storing customer payment information (autopay) for future use is generally a separate service provided by the gateway in addition to the regular payment processing fees.


What Gateways does iClassPro Support?

For a complete list of gateways currently available for iClassPro customers, call and talk to a representative or review some of our preferred providers at www.iclasspro.com/gateways.

Gateway Account Types- Shorthand

(As seen in Online Activity, Ledger, and Autopay Information.)

Gateway transactions can happen via two different account types, referred to as Card Present (CP) and Card Not Present (CNP). 

Card Present (CP)- As the name implies, this type of gateway transaction refers to physically swipe a card in hand through a card reader at your place of business.

Card Not Present (CNP)- This type of gateway transaction refers to online transactions, stored payment information and manual number entry without a card physically present.

Historically, these account types had different processing rates based off of the theory that a card transaction where the card was physically present was more secure due to the ability to confirm the card holder's identity at the time of the transaction.


Adding Gateway Information to iClassPro.

Gateway information can only be added to your account by an iClassPro staff member. Please contact Support at 877-554-6776 for assistance with adding, removing or changing gateways.


Changing Gateways?

There are some additional points to consider when switching from one gateway to another inside of iClassPro. 

Read this article for more information.

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