Testing a New Payment Gateway

Testing the connection made between iClassPro and the Gateway set in your account.

You can find a list of accepted gateways for credit card processing at www.iclasspro.com/gateways.

iClassPro does not have a test mode for gateways. We recommend speaking with your gateway to ensure that the account is in test mode on their end and that you have test card information to process. If you do test on a gateway that is live, transactions will be processed and recorded in the system. You can immediately refund the charges to avoid processing, but the attempts may show on the credit card statements or bank accounts used.

  1. Go to the Family page.
  2. Click on the Ledger icon.
  3. Select New Payment.  
  4. Select the "Credit Card Manual" Payment Type for the gateway you are testing.
  5. Enter the Payment Amount.
  6. Enter Credit Card information using a test credit card or account number.
  7. Click Process Payment.
  8. Look for a green or red notification box at the bottom of the screen to indicate if the payment was successful. 
  9. Remove or Refund the successful payment from the family ledger by clicking the View Full Ledger button, switching the drop down menu from Charges to Payments, and Editing the payment.
    If you encounter any errors or the payment is unsuccessful, please contact support for troubleshooting further.
  10. You are now ready to start using your Gateway for payments in iClassPro!

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