Recent History Views

The Recent Activity feature, located at the top of the iClassPro Page just below the navigation icons, gives you quick access to recent records.

How it Works

Unique to each iClassPro user logged in, the Recent Activity sections records recently opened Family, Ledger, Student, Staff, Class and Camp windows during your iClassPro experience with the most recently viewed windows on the top left. 

This view has a maximum of 8 windows recorded at the top of the screen at once, with a total of 16 saved windows. (That means that you can only use this feature to view the last 16 windows you edited, but you will need to close the first 8 out of the history to see the previous 8.) 

Simply click the buttons to view the window you were working on, or click the "x" on the button to remove it from your Recent Activity.

Turning it On/Off

The Recent History section can be turned on and off from your iClassPro settings. This will affect all staff members signed into the software. Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > iClassPro Application Settings. From this window, you simply check or uncheck the option to "Show Recently Opened Windows," then save the changes. 

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