Making a Staff Member Inactive

There comes a point in every business where an employee quits or needs to be let go. There are a few things that can be done in iClassPro in this event.

Removing Permissions

  • Never delete the staff member. You will loose all records attached to that staff.
  • Remove the staff member from ongoing classes by un-checking the staff on the class details.
  • Edit the staff member by:
    1. Going to the Staff page and setting that staff member to inactive in the staff details window.
    2. Removing their user permissions on the Permissions tab.

Extra Security Measures

By setting the staff member to inactive and removing their permissions, this ensures that the staff member can no longer log into or access iClassPro in any way. All records attached to that individual will be kept on file for future reference. Additionally, if the staff member ever returns, their account can be restored by returning permissions and the Active status.

iClassPro is a secured site so you can rest assured that the measures above will keep out any unwanted users.

However, if you feel that more security measures are necessary, here are some additional steps that can be taken to prohibit a staff member from logging in.

  • Change the staff member's username to something long and random.
  • Remove or change the staff' member's password to something long with special characters.
  • Change the email for the staff to something they cannot access so that a password cannot be retrieved using the Forgot Password link.

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