Creating Legacy Skill Trees

You can use skill trees to track multiple events and skills on student profiles. Customize skills trees to meet your exact specifications by adding Events, Levels, and Skills.

Event- An event is a general area of study.

Level- Levels are points of ability underneath the event, or general area of study. This can be something like a general skill set or an actual class or team level.

Skills- Skills are what is being graded or evaluated for the student. Skills have descriptions, a built-in evaluation system, and room for instructor notes in the student profile.

Every student will be linked to all skill trees created in iClassPro. For this reason, the Skills Tree Report has the option to only show set skills- or skills which have been evaluated for a specific student.

Note: When editing a student, you can mark a status and leave notes for each skill (started, completed, mastered, etc.)

Create a Legacy Skill Tree

Go to Settings > Setup > Student Settings > Skill Trees.

  1. Use the buttons to the right of the Skill Tree list to build your skill tree. See button descriptions below:
    New_Event.png New Event
    New_Level-Event.png New Level/Skill

    MOveup.pngmovedown.png Move Object
    delete_object.png Delete Object
    A. Create an Event by clicking the New Event button and saving an event name.
    B. To add a Level, select the event you created and click the New Level/Skill button.
    C. To add a Skill, select the level you created and click the New Level/Skill button. Remember to add a description to your skills so instructors know what to evaluate.
    Note: You can add as many levels and skills as needed under each event.
  2. Save the changes.

Evaluating Legacy Skills

Go to the Students Page to Evaluate Skills on the skill tree for a specific student.

  1. Find and Edit the student  (pencil icon).
  2. Go to the Legacy Skills tab at the top of the window.
  3. Locate the skill to evaluate from the skill tree.
  4. Choose the student's status on mastering the skill (Getting Close, Just Started, Mastered, Not Started, Working)
  5. Select the date of the evaluation.
  6. Provide any notes on the student's performance.
  7. Save changes before closing window.


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