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Duplicate a Camp!

Sometimes it can feel tedious to create a lot of similar camps or classes. That's why iClassPro created a shortcut with the Duplicate this Camp feature! For camps where the only information changing from week to week might be the name or the schedule or other minor details, such as age or gender requirements, this can save you lots of time and effort.

How to duplicate a camp.



1. Create and save your first camp.

2. Use the edit icon to open the camp details.

3. Click "Duplicate this Camp" at the top of the details tab.

4. In the duplicate camp window (labeled "Camp Details :: New Camp), edit the details to match the information for the new camp you want to create.

5. Save the duplicate camp with the new details.


You will now see both of the camps listed on the camps page! We hope you find this time-saving tool easy to use.


Duplicate Camp Details:




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