Create a Camp Enrollment

Students Page or Family Page > Select a Family/Student > Enrollments > New Camp Enrollment

  1. Start typing a camp name into the camp field and/or use the drop down menu to select a camp.
  2. Choose an enrollment type (Active or Wait list).
  3. Select the blocks the student is registering for. You can use a day of the week check box to choose all Mon, Tues, etc during the camp, use the All box to select all available blocks in the camp, or choose individual blocks from the list. Keep an eye on the number of openings for each camp block to avoid over-booking the camp. You can also use the Override Tuition check box and price field to set a custom tuition for this student's entire camp enrollment.
  4. Choose whether or not to send an email to the primary email address for the family to confirm the enrollment.
  5. If you are utilizing User Defined Questions on this camp, click the Questions tab at the top of the screen and answer the required questions.
  6. Click Save to simply save the enrollment, Save & Add Another to create a second enrollment for this student, or click Save & Charge to go to a new charge entry on the ledger for the class tuition.

Need More Assistance?

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