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Using Camp Types

Learn about using camp types in iClassPro! 

Camp Types are a great way to customize your customers' experience with online camp registration. Read more about this feature below!

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What Do they Do?

How Do they Work?

Step-by-Step Instructions


Using Camp Types

What do they do?


Camp types allow you to make your Parent Portal more user friendly!  Class based businesses run all kinds of events from private classes to holiday functions and more. The new Camp Types feature allows you to set up multiple sections of camps in the parent portal and customize the titles (as seen on the right)

(Right) Summer Camps, Private Lessons, Clinics, Parties, Practices, and Events are all Camp Types. But by separating camps into these different sections, parents will be able to search for the right enrollment and register quickly! 

How do they work?

From the staff side of iClassPro, your Camps page will operate the same way as usual. All "Camps" will be displayed on the same page, regardless of the Camp Type assigned to each individual camp.  Camps which are already in your system will need to be sorted into the appropriate camp types you create and new camps can be assigned to camp types as they are created.  

You can find the new Camp Types option under Settings>Setup>Camp Settings.



Sorting By Camp Type: 
You are now able to filter camps by the Camp Type with our new Camp Type filter on the camps page (seen on the left)! Select one, multiple, or all camp types! 


Step-by-Step Instructions


Step 1: Create Camp Types in Your Settings

1. Go to Settings>Setup>Camp Settings to get started.
2. Either click Add Camp Type or double click an existing camp type to edit.
4. Name your Camp Type, providing both the plural and singular titles-- and click Save!

Step 2: Adding/Editing Camp Types on Camps

1. Go to the Camps page.

2. Find the camp you would like to edit (Camps must be edited individually)

3. Click the pencil icon to edit the camp.

4. Use the Camp Type drop-down to select a camp type.

 5. Remember to Save the changes!



Step 3: View your Parent Portal to see the Changes!

1. Preview your Parent Portal by going to Settings>Parent Portal>Integration and clicking "Preview Parent Portal"
2. Look for the new camp types in the navigation bar! 
Note: You must have camps set to show online in your Individual Camp Settings and in your Parent Portal Settings.


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    Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics

    Is the "Parties" type intended for scheduling birthday parties?  We've been waiting for that feature for quite some time.

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