Create a New Camp

The camps feature in iClassPro is great for scheduling short-term enrollments (1 week or less) and one-time events. Set up dynamic schedules using a single date and time, varied dates and times, or weekly camp schedules. Enrollments are flexible so that parents can either choose which days to enroll or be signed up for the whole camp schedule automatically. 

Before you create a camp, you should have gone through the setup process in the Getting Started Guide. 

Other setup: Camps must be assigned to a program (for financial records, Settings>Setup>General Settings>Programs) and a camp type (for Parent Portal display, Settings>Setup>Camp Settings). 

STEP 1: Create Programs to track income

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs

All camps must be attached to a program to record charges and track enrollments. If you already have a program you would like to record income under for this camp, you can skip this step.

STEP 2: Create a Charge Category to track income

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Charge Categories

All charges associated with camps created from the parent portal will have the same charge category label. If you already have a charge category you would like to record income with for this camp, you can skip this step. 

STEP 3: Create a Pricing Schedule

Settings > Setup > Camp Settings > Pricing Schedules

  1. Click Create New.
  2. Name the Pricing Schedule.
  3. Choose how to count students/attendees.
    One at a time: Each sibling in a family that gets enrolled is assigned a column of unique pricing in the Pricing Schedule.
    Total: The siblings in the family will use the pricing column that matches the total number of siblings. (Two siblings will get the prices in column two, three from column three, etc.)
  4. If you are charging a deposit amount on sign up and the remainder of the price later on, enter the deposit amount for each student here. This can be a dollar or percentage of tuition.
  5. Enter the Full Pricing for each combination of blocks here (including Deposit amounts in the total.)
  6. If offering Special Discounts for families marked as members, employees, or in service- enter the amounts or percentages in the Special Discounts tab.
  7. Save the pricing schedule.

For more in-depth information about settling up the pricing schedules, see our Camp Pricing Schedules support article.

STEP 4: Create a Camp Type (Optional)

Settings > Setup > Camp Settings > Camp Types

All camps must be attached to a camp type. By default, your account will include a camp type titled "Camp". You can create additional camp types by adding a singular and plural title to the settings. Each camp type will create a new navigation link in the parent portal for searching specific camp types.

STEP 5: Create a Camp

Go to the Camps page.

  1. Click New Camp.
  2. Add Camp Details. Required information includes :
    • Camp name
    • Program
    • Camp Type
    • Age & Gender Requirements
    • Payment Settings
    • Start and End dates
    • Registration Dates
  3. Add Parent Portal Settings (optional). Choose whether or not to show the camp online, allow registration, and allow parents to choose which blocks to enroll for. You can also enter a description of the camp here for the parents to see online under the More Details link.
  4. User Defined Questions (optional) allow you to enter questions for customers upon registration to collect information or charge additional fees. Questions can be set to require answers.  To charge a fee, the customer must answer Yes to the question and the amount must be entered and set to “Use Price.” This price will be applied once per enrolled student.
  5. Add the Camp Schedule to show what days or times the camp occurs. Each time and date entered on the schedule is considered a block in the pricing schedule. Be sure to select a day, time and duration and click add.
    Weekly Schedule: Allows you to select weekdays for a recurring schedule over the dates of your camp.
    Specific Dates: Allows you to choose specific dates within the camp dates to add to the schedule.
  6. (Optional) The Instructors tab allows you to attach coaches or instructors to the camp.
  7. (Optional) The Keywords tab allows you to attach one or more keywords to the camp for custom filtering options on reports.
  8. (Optional after initial camp save) The Promo Codes tab allows you to determine which promotional codes set up in your account can be applied towards this class. Promo Codes are added under Settings>Setup>General Settings.
  9. (Optional) The  Custom Fields tab allows you to keep track of additional class information visible only to staff members. Custom fields are added using the class template under Settings>Setup>Class Settings.
  10. Save your work

Other Parent Portal Options

In addition to the options in the Parent Portal tab on each camp, there are options under Settings > Parent Portal > Camp Registration that need your attention.

Count Camp Requests Against A Camp Openings: This works the same as on the class. Camp enrollment requests will count against the openings even before it is approved or denied. This can prevent you from receiving too many requests for a class that you can't fulfill. But, at the same time, you may not want to enable this if you want to receive ALL requests even if the camp is full.

Allow Parent To Request A Camp That Is Full: This gives your parents the ability to send you a request for a Camp that is full. You then have the ability to over-ride the enrollment limit to complete the enrollment.

Allow Parent To Request A Camp For A Student That Does Not Meet Camp Requirements Such As Age Or Gender: Gives your parents the ability to request an enrollment into your Camp without meeting your gender or age requirements. If the setting is checked, the requirements are skipped and the request is sent in to the staff using the Online Activity section of iClassPro for approval. If it is unchecked, the parent will receive a warning message if the student they are trying to enroll does not meet age or gender requirements and will not be allowed to continue.

Require Payment When Modifying Camp Schedules: Allows you to require a payment for families which are modifying an existing camp enrollment to include more days. The drop down menu will give you two options:

  • Charge the Difference (Recommended)- Charge an amount based on the difference in pricing listed the pricing schedule for each number of blocks (before and after the modification).
  • Charge the Remainder Owed-  Charge an amount based on the difference between what has already been charged to the customer and the new price for the enrollment as seen in the ricing schedule.

Charge Nothing if Deposit Due Only is set on the Camp When Modifying a Schedule: In the case that a customer is editing an existing camp enrollment to add more days, and the only charge/payment up front for that camp is the deposit amount, this will not add any additional fees for the remaining balance because it assumes the deposit amount has already been paid.

Anniversary Fee: This feature uses the Anniversary fee program and charge category selected in the class section to also charge this fee for customers who have not paid within the timeframe on your Anniversary Settings and who are signing up for a camp, instead of a class.

Allow Parent to Modify Camp Schedule: Lets customers modify an existing camp enrollment to add or remove blocks.

Auto-Approve Charge Category: This is the label of the charge that is given to the Family when enrolling in a camp. This is a required field, even if you are not charging up front online for any of your camps because the camps can each be set to charge differently.

Auto-approve Tax Rate: Apply Tax  to the auto-charge given. Leaving it set to choose means no tax will be applied.

Send Email Notification Upon Auto-Enrollment To Email Address Of Camp Location: An email will be sent to the location email address to notify staff members of the new camp enrollment.

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