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Wait List Enrollments

There are several types of enrollments in iClassPro. A student can only have one type of enrollment at a time in any given class. They include Active, Trial, MakeUp and Wait List. (For example, you cannot have a Trial in a class the student is already Actively enrolled in.)  Active, Trial and MakeUp enrollments always count against the total number of openings in a class. However, wait list enrollments work a little differently.

Office Portal: How to Create a Wait List Enrollment

All staff members who have permissions to create and edit enrollments have the ability to create an enrollment using any of these types. All he/she has to do is select the type "Wait" when creating the student's class or camp enrollment.

For more information about creating enrollments, see How to Create New Class Enrollment and Create a Camp Enrollment.

Parent Portal: How to Create a Wait List Enrollment

In order to allow customers to request to be on a wait list for a class or camp, you must have the parent portal set to "Allow Parent to Request a Class that is Full". This option is found under Settings>Parent Portal>Class Registration. This way, when a class is full (or has 0 openings) it will be listed on the parent portal with the option to select Wait List.

After clicking Wait List, the customer will fill out the enrollment form for the wait list enrollment. After adding the request to their cart, the customer will need to complete the checkout process to submit the request.

After submitting the request, in the Enrollments section of the parent portal, the customer's enrollment will display as a request until it is approved by a staff member.

The request will come into staff through the Online Activity. Click on the magnifying glass to open the request.

Approve or Deny the request from the Enrollment window after reviewing the information.

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