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Sessions Vs. Rolling Sessions

Sessions and rolling sessions serve unique purposes inside of iClassPro. Below are some of the key differences you should keep in mind when deciding which setup is right for your classes.


For example:

Sessions are great for businesses that offer enrollments based on a season, such as Fall, Winter, or Spring which may be custom time frames. This requires students to re-enroll for each session.

Rolling Sessions are great for businesses that allow enrollment to be continuous year-round or until a student requests to drop, but want to bill by a time frame other than the year or the calendar month.

Note: Once a class is associated with either Sessions or Rolling Sessions, it cannot be switched. To change the type of session associated with a class, you will need to create a new class or duplicate the existing class and make the changes on the new copy. Then, once any enrollments are transferred or dropped from the original class, set that class to inactive. This is the best way to preserve accurate enrollment and session history on your classes for later reference.

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