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Assigning Rooms to Classes

Classes can be assigned to rooms in instances where needing to know where a class takes place is important. Setting up your rooms and using them is quick and easy!

Creating Rooms

To create your rooms, go to Settings>Setup>General Settings>Rooms.


1. Click "Create New." This will open a new window.

2. Name or label the room

(Room labels can be a room number, floor rotation number, swim lanes, etc.and will display on some reports and the Classes page)

3. Remember to Save and Close!


Assigning a Room to a Class

To assign a room, go to the Classes Page>Edit/Create a Class>Details Tab.

 Choose the room where the class meets and save your changes.



Mass Assigning Rooms to Classes

To assign a room, go to the Classes Page.

1. Filter the class list using any applicable filters and search tools on the left side of the page to find classes.

2. If necessary, adjust your page view to include more results (top & bottom right of list).

3. Check mark any classes you would like to change to the new room.

4. Click the Quick Edit tool (lightening Icon at the bottom of the screen).



5. Select the Room you wish to assign to the selected classes. 

NOTE: If you would like to make additional changes to these classes at the same time, you may. If you are not changing any information other than the room, leave the other items blank or set to the default "-DO NOT CHANGE-" option. 

6. Click Save to make the desired changes.









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  • Avatar
    Scottsdale Gymnastics

    how soon can we start printing the rotation schedule ?? our gym would like to give it a try. thank you guys for all your help. and improvements.

  • Avatar
    Suzette Phillips

    When this is ready for use will the rooms show up on the roll sheet?  This is very important for us as the rooms are actually lane assignments in our swim school and tells the instructor where to teach in the pool.

  • Avatar
    Tomlyn Grey

    Hi guys!!! At this time we are hoping to add the ability to print rooms on reports like Roll Sheets as soon as possible, depending entirely on how well this new feature will working during testing. Stay tuned as we will make an announcement once that is available!

  • Avatar
    Sandye Smithson

    Great feature! It would also be VERY helpful to us to have Rooms as a sort option on the class list report.  Or at least a Rooms column on the report!

  • Avatar
    Suzette Phillips

    Can someone please update me on the status of this feature? We are very excited to start using.

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