Prevent Overbooking Classes with Enrollment Lookahead

The enrollment look ahead feature helps you avoid confusion over the number openings in your classes when looking at classes with future enrollments! 

What does it do?

This feature allows you to count future enrollments against current class openings. You can now enter a customized period of weeks for iClassPro to use when counting the number of available openings for classes.

For example, this means that you no longer need to worry about that Make-Up class you scheduled for tomorrow (the future) giving you a wrong number of class openings! That Make-Up class is now counted against your openings to ensure you don't accidentally overbook your class space. It also works for turning off online registration until the spot is free again!

How do I set it up?

It's easy! Simply log in to your account and go to your Settings page.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Setup > Class Settings
  2. Find  "Enrollment Look Ahead Settings" and  click the pencil icon to open up the setting.
  3. In the new window, enter a number of weeks and save the changes.

iClassPro will look at all enrollments for your classes this  number of weeks in the future and count those enrollments against the number of current openings in the class so you don't overbook. (Two weeks is a good reference point, because most future enrollments will not occur more than two weeks prior to the starting date.)

Where will I see the change?

To put it simply, everywhere. Changing this setting will affect the number of openings displayed on the the Classes Page, New Enrollments Screen and in the Parent Portal; meaning, accidentally over-booking becomes a problem of the past.

Classes Page: BEFORE setting up the Enrollment Look Ahead Feature. Five future enrollments exist, but the number of Openings still reads the class's maximum number of enrollments (7). AFTER setting up the Enrollment Look Ahead Feature, the number of openings now reads 2, counting the 5 future enrollments against the original maximum number of enrollments (7).


  • Enrollments which start on a future date will be listed under future enrollments for the class, but will be counted against current openings.
  • Future enrollments are noted with blue asterisks on the class page.
  • When prompted, you can still manually over-ride the maximum number of enrollments in a class.

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