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Using Blackout Schedules

The blackout dates feature can calculate prorated tuition based on your blackout dates, such as planned closures and holidays.

How It Works

Blackout dates change the way iClassPro calculates tuition so that you can remove individual class days (such as holidays or breaks) from tuition calculations when you are closed. 

For example, you have a one hour Monday class and you charge $20 per hour or per class. iClassPro would count how many billable days there are within your billing cycle (The billing cycle could be a session or monthly), and then subtract the blackout dates from the billable days. Let's say you bill monthly for this class. iClassPro would then calculate how many Mondays there are in the current calendar month.

If the class bills hourly: It would figure that there are 4 Mondays in this December. So, it would charge 4 x 20 and calculate a total base tuition of $80. Now, let's say you have a blackout date of December 26th which happens to be on a Monday. This makes only 3 billable Mondays in December. The calculation would then be 3 x 20 = $60.

If the class has flat tuition: For the same month, billing a flat tuition of $50-- iClassPro would count the number of Mondays (4) and then divide the total tuition by that number of days (50/4)= $12.50 -- meaning that each class holds a weight of $12.50. The blackout schedule includes the date of December 26th, a Monday. Therefore, that day's portion of the tuition is subtracted from the total charged -- making tuition (3 days*$12.50) = $37.50.

Note: If you do not wish to prorate tuition for flat rate classes, such as those billed by session, you can check the option to "Disable proration for blackout dates" which will charge the full tuition rate, but drop the blackout dates from the number of total days counted over a billing period (increasing the daily rate calculation of the remaining days the class takes place to make up for the difference). 

Setting Up Blackout Dates

Settings > Setup > Class Settings > Blackout Schedules

  1. Click the "Create New Blackout Schedule" button to create a new blackout schedule. This opens the window seen here.
  2. Name the blackout schedule (we generally recommend one blackout schedule per year or session because Only one Blackout Schedule can be attached to a program at a time). This blackout schedule is for holidays in 2014. 
  3. Select whether or not to disable proration for blackout dates. (See note above.)
  4. Add dates to the blackout schedule. You can add single dates that you are closed, a date range or multiple dates for breaks between sessions or terms, and even choose common holidays from the calendar. Remember to click "Add Date" after selecting the date. If the date is successfully added, you will see it appear in the schedule section, where all dates in this blackout schedule are displayed.
  5. Click Save.

Note: You must still attach the blackout schedule to programs to put it to use. 

Attach to Applicable Programs

Before your blackout schedules are recognized by classes and used to prorate tuition, you must attach the schedule to the program(s) that it applies to. All you need to do for this is edit the programs under your settings.

Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs

  1. Click the pencil/edit icon next to the program you wish to add the blackout schedule to.
  2. Select the appropriate Blackout Schedule from the drop-down menu in the program settings.
  3. Click Save.

Testing the Settings

Enroll a test student to test your settings. When creating a charge, you should see now that the calculated tuition is taking blackout dates into account.

Tip: You can see exactly how iClassPro calculates the tuition from the Class Tuition Charges screen. Just click on the amount in the preview and view the tuition calculation. A blackout schedule discount line should appear on the tuition breakdown for hourly classes.


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