Using Blackout Schedules


What is a blackout Schedule?

The blackout schedules feature allows you to create a list of your blackout dates, such as planned closures and holidays, to attach to different programs at your business. Then you can choose how to use those dates for billing and prorating purposes:

  • Allow Proration – By default, blackout dates allow proration to occur, reducing class tuition for the date(s) in the blackout schedule. For example, if class was $120 for 4 class dates and one class date was a blackout date – the tuition for July would be reduced by 1/4 of the class tuition ($30 per class) to a total of $90 that month for all students.
  • Disable Proration – If the “Disable proration for blackout dates” option is checked, tuition will NOT be reduced for all students. For example, if class was $120 for 4 class dates in July and one class date was a blackout date – the tuition would remain as $120 if the student was enrolled in all class dates (other than the blackout dates) during July. But if the customer enrolls late and misses a class date that is not in the blackout schedule, they will be prorated at a rate of 1/3 tuition (instead of 1/4 tuition) so each of the remaining class periods would carry the weight of $40.

All dates added to a blackout schedule must use the same setting for proration.

Creating Blackout Schedules/Dates

To create blackout schedules, navigate to Settings > Setup > Class Settings > Blackout Schedules.

  1. Click the "Create New Blackout Schedule" button to create a new blackout schedule. This opens the window seen here.
  2. Name the blackout schedule (we generally recommend one blackout schedule per year or session because Only one Blackout Schedule can be attached to a program at a time). This blackout schedule is for holidays in 2014. 
  3. Select whether or not to disable proration for blackout dates. (See note above.)
  4. Add dates to the blackout schedule. You can add single dates that you are closed, a date range or multiple dates for breaks between sessions or terms, and even choose common holidays from the calendar. Remember to click "Add Date" after selecting the date. If the date is successfully added, you will see it appear in the schedule section, where all dates in this blackout schedule are displayed.
  5. Click Save.

Note: You must still attach the blackout schedule to programs to put it to use. 

Attach the Blackout Schedule to Applicable Programs

Before your blackout schedules are recognized by classes and used to prorate tuition, you must attach the schedule to the program(s) that it applies to. All you need to do for this is edit the programs under your settings.

Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs

  1. Click the pencil/edit icon next to the program you wish to add the blackout schedule to.
  2. Select the appropriate Blackout Schedule from the drop-down menu in the program settings.
  3. Click Save.

Testing the Settings

Enroll a test student to test your settings. When creating a charge, you should see now that the calculated tuition is taking blackout dates into account.

Tip: You can see exactly how iClassPro calculates the tuition from the Class Tuition Charges screen. Just click on the amount in the preview and view the tuition calculation. A blackout schedule discount line should appear on the tuition breakdown for hourly classes.


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