Using the Classes Quick Edit Tool

The Quick Edit feature can make it a lot faster to change a group of classes. If you haven't used this feature already, here's how to check it out.

Using Quick Edit, the following details of a class can be changed:

  • Active/Inactive Status
  • Class Program
  • Enable/Disable "Show Online", "Hide Enrollments" and/or "Allow Registration"
  • Enable/Disable Proration
  • Enable/Disable Discounts
  • Default Billing Schedule/Tuition Pair
  • Level
  • Room
  • Min/Max Age
  • Max Number of Students
  • Gender Limitations
  • Dates (Class Registration Dates)
  • Description
  • Instructors (add, remove, or replace instructors)
  • Skill Tree (assign a skill tree to the selected classes)

How to Mass Edit Classes with the Quick Edit Tool

  1. Filter the class list using any applicable filters and search tools on the left side of the page to find classes.
  2. If necessary, adjust your page view to include more results (top & bottom right of list).
  3. Select any classes you would like to edit en masse.
  4. Click the Quick Edit tool (icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a pencil with three lines next to it)

The Quick Edit tool is separated into four tabs within the Quick Edit window. Changes in all four tabs will take effect when saving. Please be sure to only edit those fields that you want changed for ALL of the classes you selected.

General Tab: Class settings in the General tab include many of the settings you would see on the Details and Billing tabs for classes.

Any changes here will affect ALL selected classes. If you do not intend to make a change, leave the menu set to the default "-DO NOT CHANGE-" text or leave text fields blank.

Settings on this page include the Status (active/inactive), Program, Online Settings, the default billing pair (billing schedule & tuition-- will be assigned as the new default on the classes), Level, Room, and student requirements (age/max enrollment/gender).

Dates Tab: This tab only deals with the Class Registration Dates on classes set to "This Class Bills Monthly."

Select "Use the dates below" from the "Class Dates" menu to specify your registration dates. (See for more information.)

Description Tab: This tab only deals with the description on selected classes. The description entered here will replace any description(s) already placed on the class(es). This description can include pictures, text formatting and hyperlinks to more information on your website.

Note: In the Customer Portal, clicking on the "More Details" link under any class will display this description text.

Instructors Tab: This tab edits only instructor information for the classes. To edit instructors follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose how you are editing the instructors on the class. Options include:
    • Add selected staff members to classes without removing other instructors
    • Remove selected staff members from classes without removing other instructors
    • Remove all current instructors from classes and then set selected staff members as instructors
  2. Select the instructor(s) you are editing.

Skill Tree Tab: This tab only deals with the Skill Tree assigned to selected classes. The Skill Tree chosen here will override any Skill Tree the class would inherit from its Program.

Note: Saving changes in the Quick Edit Tool starts a background task while the updates are made to the Classes.

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