How Do I Group Transfer Students?

Learn how to use iClassPro's group transfer feature to transfer multiple students from one class to another.

  1. Navigate to the Classes Page.
  2. Find the class from which you wish to transfer students.
  3. Click on the Enrollments icon.
  4. Click the Group Transfer button.
  5. In the window, use the filters on the left side of the window to narrow down the options from the drop-down menu choices and select the new class to which you wish to transfer the enrollments.
  6. Select the students to transfer individually or click Select All to choose which students to transfer from your current class to the one you selected.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Confirm the Enrollment Type and Session if you are using sessions.
  9. Confirm the Start and Drop Date of the enrollments being created. The old enrollment will drop the at the end of the date prior to the new enrollment. For example, if you were to use today's date as the transfer day, the other enrollment will assume a drop date of yesterday.

    NOTE: If the option to “Enable Setting Drop Date on Previous Enrollment” has been selected under SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>GENERAL CLASS SETTINGS, there will also be an option to set the drop date for the previous enrollment (i.e., the enrollment the student is being transferred from).  Leaving this option blank will retain the default system behavior (automatically setting the drop date as the day before the new enrollment starts).  If you wish to choose an earlier drop date, enter the date in the "Drop Date for Previous Class" field.
  10. Select the Keep Existing Billing Schedule Overrides for Each Enrollment if you wish to keep/adjust existing billing schedule overrides.  Selecting this box will list each enrollment to be transferred and note which ones have existing billing schedule overrides (appearing in grey).  If the new class does not have a matching billing schedule for the override it will be changed to the default billing schedule and a "No matching billing pair" warning will be displayed.

    2020-01-20_12_33_33-keep_billingschedule_overrides.pngAlternatively, you can use the Billing drop-down menu to select a new billing schedule for all transferred enrollments.
  11. Select the Choose Tuition Override For Each Enrollment option if you wish to keep or edit existing tuition overrides.  Selecting this box will list each enrollment to be transferred and note which ones have existing tuition overrides so you can add/remove them as needed.
    If you do not enable this option, any existing tuition overrides will be lost.
  12. Choose whether or not to send an email to the primary email address for the family to confirm the enrollment.
  13. Click Finish to complete the enrollments.

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