Reports to Export Emails

There are many reports that can be generated with customer or staff emails and exported. Finding the right report for your purposes just got easier with this quick list!

All reports mentioned below are available in HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format, with the exception of the Roll Sheet Report and Camp Sign In/Sign Out sheets (which is only available as HTML and PDF).

Includes All Emails

Family Reports

  • Family Email list: List of family email addresses on file. Email Address 1 is the Primary email address used for the Parent Portal login.

Student Reports

  • Student Phonebook: Family contact information listed by student.
  • Student Birthday List: Students' birthdays with custom age group filters.

Includes Primary Email

Family Reports

  • Family Phonebook: Family list with contact information (Separated into Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, and Email fields). The family PhoneBook report is great for confirming contact information or generating mailing lists for printers. It can also be ideal for finding new families created over a specific date range.

Student Reports

  • Student List: Generate a list of students using filters. The most detailed report available in iClassPro for reference of student information such as age, guardians, enrollments, contact info, anniversary dates, and tuition estimates.
  • Student Anniversary List: Generate a list of student anniversary dates with an address and primary email for contact.

Class Reports

  • Roll Sheets: Generate roll sheets for class attendance. Also great for referencing who was enrolled in a specific class or set of classes at a point in time. Can include information such as primary email addresses, phone numbers, and account balances. (HTML/PDF only)
  • Special Enrollments List: A list of all special enrollments (trial, makeup, wait) over the selected date range with contact info including primary email.
  • New Enrollments List: List of newly starting enrollments. Can be listed by parent portal and/or staff created enrollments, and can include primary emails.

Camp Reports

  • Camp Enrollment Blocks Report: Camp registration by block. See which students are signed up for which days in a camp. Can be generated to show the primary email.
  • Camp Sign-In/Sign-Out: Create a sign-in/sign-out sheet for camp enrollments. Also the perfect tool to confirm contact info, student details, answers to user defined questions, and account balance for students enrolled in a camp. (HTML/PDF only)
  • Camper Information Report: Generate a report of demographic details and/or questions/answers for each camp attendee.

Staff Reports

  • Staff List Report: Generate a list of staff members with contact info and hire date.
  • Staff Phone Book: Generate a list of staff contact info.

Financial Reports

  • Bank Deposits: A report of payments by payment type. This is a very basic breakdown of income over a date range and the methods of payment used. If run using the "Show Programs" option, you can also get a basic breakdown of which programs the payments were made toward.

Report Types

HTML-  HTML files can be opened in any Web browser. This is a non-editable format that is helpful if you just want to view the data quickly and do not necessarily need a printed copy.

PDF- PDF files can be opened from any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. This is a non-editable print ready format that is user friendly. Most reports have a direct PDF option at the bottom of the filters screen.

XLS-  XLS files are compatible with Microsoft Office Excel and allow you to edit fields to manipulate the reports for your own use.

CSV- CSV files are a simple spreadsheet format compatible with any spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet. These files include no data formatting- making them easier to work with.

There are two ways to generate these file formats

Cick on PDF, XLS, or CSV from the bottom of the filters window of any report which includes these options!

If you would like to preview the report before exporting it, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Find the report you wish to run and adjust the filters to your needs.
  2. Click "HTML" at the bottom of the filters window.
  3. This will open your report for preview as a new tab in your internet browser. At the top of this preview above the report title, you will find four buttons:
  4. Click the file type you wish to use. You will be redirected to the reports page.
  5. Your background tasks window will now open, displaying the status of the report as it generates. When the report is finished generating, it will say complete. Click the down arrow next to the report in the background tasks to save the file to your computer.

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