Purchasing SMS and Voice Credits in iClassPro

Note: This feature is available at an additional cost of $0.03 (one credit) per message per recipient in the US and Canada. The service is also available in Australia for SMS only (no voice broadcast features), but at a slightly higher cost of $0.08 USD per credit and an additional monthly fee.  Credits must be purchased prior to the use of this feature. Replies are not available.


Complete Setup

For customers in Australia, please contact iClassPro (Support@iClassPro.com) to start the setup process for SMS messaging (texting). 

If you are a customer in the United States or Canada and have not used this feature before navigate to Settings>Setup>General Settings>SMS and Voice.

Click the pencil icon to open the SMS and Voice settings.

Here, you will need to enter a local area code for the service to find an available phone number for the messaging service to assign to your account. Then click Get Phone Number.

This will prompt a pop-up window where you will need to confirm the correct area code has been answered. Click Yes to confirm and continue.

PRO TIP! This will be a no-reply number, so only outgoing messages will be sent. No replies are recorded.

Review Phone Number and Available Credits

If you have already completed setup, under Settings > Setup > General Settings > SMS and Voice the software will show your assigned phone number. This number will be used specifically for your business to send outgoing voice broadcasts (to any phone) or text messages (to text-enabled phones) within your customer and staff lists. 

It will also display the number of available credits purchased for your account. Credits must be purchased prior to sending SMS messages or Voice Broadcasts.


Purchasing SMS/Voice Credits

Only admin users with access to settings have the permission to purchase credits.

To purchase credits, go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > SMS and Voice.

Under Purchase More Credits, the user can enter the number of credits needed to be purchased, which will automatically calculate the purchase price.


After reviewing your purchase total, click Submit Purchase Request to bill the account (credit card or bank account) on file for your subscription fee with iClassPro. This transaction will be billed immediately to the account.

If the transaction is successful, your purchased credits will now be available for use.

Need More Assistance?

Call us at 877-554-6776. Our business hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Central Standard Time.