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SMS and Voice Messaging

NOTE: This feature is available at an additional cost of $0.03 (one credit) per message per recipient in the US and Canada. The service is also available in Australia, but at a slightly higher cost.  Credits must be purchased prior to the use of this feature. Replies are not available.

Using SMS and Voice Broadcast 

At a cost of $0.03 a credit and one credit per message in the United States and Canada, you can communicate with your customers via text message or voice broadcast! This is a great feature for those clients which are hard to contact by email.

*To send texts to your customers,  you must enable texting on each family's phone number. When you do this, make sure  that it is okay with your customer first! Voice broadcasting can be sent to any phone line.

After enabling text messages on the family's page and purchasing SMS credits, the process is relatively simple.

Use the filters from the student or family page to narrow down your results to those individuals you wish to send the message. Be sure that all these individuals are displaying on the page by adjusting your view in the upper right hand corner of the software. Select all the displayed individuals at once by using the white check box on the blue title bar next to Actions.

With these individuals checked, some new buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Send an SMS" button highlighted below in red.


A new window will now appear titled Send SMS Message. From here, you can choose whether to send a Voice Broadcast or a Text Message.


If you want to send a Text Message, enter the text in the message box at the bottom of the window. The SMS Details section located in the same window shows how many  credit s you have purchased and in your system and how many messages are being sent out. To send the text message, click send.


To send a Voice Broadcast, click the "Send Voice Broadcast" button.

* Voice broadcasts charge one credit per minute in the recording, so if you record a two minute long message, you will pay 2 credits per phone number that is dialed.



(voice broadcast instructions continued)

Another window will appear asking for your phone number. Enter a phone number where you can be reached directly and you will receive a phone call from the Voice Broadcast System.

A credit is also used for each minute you spend in the call creating the recording, so minimizing the amount of time it takes to answer the call is ideal.

Say "hello" when you answer the call to initiate the instructions.

Follow the instructions given to you by the phone call to send your broadcast.




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