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Configuring the PayWay Gateway (Australia)

There are two gateway options available to Australian customers, they are SafeSave Payments and PayWay.

For customers that choose SafeSave Payments, integration is as easy as providing support with your username and password that will be entered into your account settings by our representatives so that iClassPro can make a secure connection with the gateway.

The setup for PayWay customers can be a little more challenging. To configure your PayWay gateway  in iClassPro, there are certain steps that you must perform to provide our support representatives with the necessary information to allow iClassPro interact successfully with PayWay. There are also a few configuration settings within PayWay that are required for the gateway to validate requests coming from iClassPro.

Steps for Successful PayWay Integration

These instructions should help make setting up and configuring PayWay as easy as possible.

Please note that if you wish to use iClassPro with PayWay, you need to purchase the "PayWay API" product from PayWay. Out of the several PayWay products, the API product is the only one that works with iClassPro.

PART 1: Accessing your Credentials and Steps for Configuration

Within PayWay, you will need to take the following steps to provide support with a Customer Username, Customer Password and valid Security Certificate.

1. Sign in to the PayWay website using the login name and password provided to you by PayWay.

2. From the Security Page under Setup API menu, get your Customer Username and Customer Password from the PayWay website and record these details to give to iClassPro Support.

NOTE: This username and password is for iClassPro to connect with the PayWay API server and is DIFFERENT from the username and password you use to access the PayWay website.

3. From the Certificate page under the Setup API heading, download your security certificate from the PayWay website by selecting PHP as the technology you are using, then press Go. Make sure the link reads "Download PHP Certificate" and save the certificate so that it can be forwarded to iClassPro Support.

4. From the Security page under the Setup API menu, enter the following IP addresses in the API Security Access List:,, and

PART 2: Sending your Credentials & Certificate to iClassPro

iClassPro Support controls gateway integration settings from the back end of the software. You will need to contact support via email or ticket to give them the Customer Username and Customer Password from Step 2, your Merchant ID, and the PHP certificate so that it can be uploaded to our servers to validate the connection.  You can submit support tickets through the support site, or by emailing support@iclasspro.com. Be sure to attach the security certificate to the request.

NOTE: Once your settings have been entered, a support member will respond to your request. From there, you may want to test a small transaction to ensure that the gateway integration is working as expected.  

Once you have tested the gateway and ensured it is working properly, be sure to enable the "Go Live" setting in your PayWay API Gateway to fully enable payment processing.  If you do not enable this setting, payments will be recorded in iClassPro, but the payments will not actually be processed by PayWay.

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