What Are Special Discounts (including Early Bird Discounts)?

Learn how to set up and assign Special Discounts and Early Bird Discounts.

What Are Special Discounts (including Early Bird Discounts)?

Special Discounts and Early Bird Discounts are established under SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>DISCOUNT SCHEDULES under the "Special Discounts" tab on each discount schedule. These discounts are given in addition to any other discounts established by the Discount Schedule itself.

Employee, Member, and Service discounts can be extended to specific families by enabling the discount in their family profile.  Early Bird discounts are assigned to specific tuition charges at the time they are created in the Office Portal.

Special Discounts support values up to four decimal places.

If multiple discounts apply to a single enrollment (such as a mutli-class discount and a special discount), both discounts will be based on the original tuition amount.

For example, if the base tuition was $93.00 and the enrollment qualifies for both a 30% multi-class discount and a 50% employee discount, the math would be calculated as follows:

$93 x 50% = $46.50 (multi-class discount)
$93 x 30% = $21.90 (employee discount)

$93 - $46.50 - $21.90 = $18.60 total tuition charge.

Special Discounts

Special discounts are used to give certain families (all students under that family) a special discount off of all their tuition prices automatically. The fields are labeled for use for Employees, Members, and Service. The amounts can be entered as dollar amounts or a percentage.

To use the Special Discounts, go to any family that they should apply to from the Family page. Edit the family by clicking on the pencil/edit icon, and then scroll to the bottom of the Family Details section. Click on the blue link that says "View More", scroll to the "Special Discounts" area, then change the Employee, Member and/or Service Discount drop-down menu from "No" to "Yes" (as needed):


Early Bird Discounts

Early Bird Discounts are discounts for customers which pay ahead of schedule. When creating a charge from the family ledger or running the Class Tuition Charges task, simply enter the Early Bird Cutoff Date to establish the date when the created charges go back to normal pricing. The amounts can be entered as dollar amounts or as percentages. 

When running the Class Tuition Charges task, you will need to enable the "Allow Early Bird Discounts" option to reveal the Early Bird Cutoff Date field:


Early Bird Discounts are not available for enrollments made via the Customer Portal, as these enrollments usually charge tuition and require payment immediately. As there is not a way to set an Early Bird Cutoff Date on those charges, the Early Bird Discount cannot be enforced.

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