Proration & Blackout Schedules

Proration is the process of discounting a tuition for someone who enrolls in a class after one or more class time slots have already taken place (or mid-term/session/billing period). Proration in iClassPro is calculated automatically as a ratio of the number of enrolled days over the number of available dates for enrollment.

Basic Proration

iClassPro has the capability to automatically prorate tuition for any class based on the calendar month or session/rolling session dates. Whether or not proration will use the calendar month or the dates of a session/rolling sesion is determined by the settings on the billing schedule tied to the class enrollment. To adjust this, go to Settings>Setup>Class Settings>Billing Schedules and double click the Billing Schedule you would like to edit.

  • Choose Force Month to prorate tuition over the number of possible enrolled days out of the billable dates in the true calendar month.
  • Choose Force Month as 4 Weeks to override the default session behavior and bill a month as four weeks for any enrollment using this billing schedule. Proration will only begin when the number of billing days is less than would be expected for 4 weeks worth of dates.
  • Choose Month/Session to prorate tuition for the number of enrolled days out of the billable days in the whole session/rolling session. If a class using this billing cycle happens to not be set up to use sessions/rolling sessions, it will default to the Force Month behavior for that class.

To turn on Proration, go to the Classes page, click the edit button (pencil) next to a class, and then click the Billing tab. Click the check box next to "Allow Proration" to turn this feature on.

Note: You can also use the Quick Edit Tool to turn Proration on for multiple classes at once.

Prorating for Blackout Schedules

Blackout schedules are attached to classes through the class Program. In order to calculate Blackout Dates into the billing process, the Allow Proration setting must be turned on for each class.

  • For Flat Rate Classes, Blackout Schedules default to discounting the enrollment for the blackout date(s), using the percentage of the remaining class dates within your billing cycle (established by your Billing Schedule; "month/session" or "force month") multiplied by the class tuition. Ex: If a class has 5 total class dates in a month with one as a blackout date, it would be 80% (or 1/5) multiplied by the class tuition (simply put, 80% of class tuition).
  • To prevent this discounting (proration) for the blackout date(s), check "Disable Proration for Blackout Dates" in your blackout schedule. This will simply spread the full tuition among the remaining days of the billing cycle. Ex: If a class has 5 total class dates in a month with one as a blackout date, the full class tuition would be distributed across the other four dates, ignoring the blackout date (in the event of a student enrolled in only a few of the remaining class dates).
  • For Hourly Classes, Blackout Schedules cause the software to ignore any hours for classes that take place on the blackout dates.

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