Pricing Schedules

Although creating a camp is as easy as creating a class, you cannot create a camp until you have created a Pricing Schedule. Pricing Schedules are how Camps determine how to charge for a camp, as well as determine discounts for anyone who enrolls.

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Pricing Schedules.

On the Pricing Schedule screen, click the "Create New" button.

Creating a Pricing Schedule

The New Pricing Schedule screen appears. Below is an example Pricing Schedule.

Understanding the Pricing Schedule Setup

Pricing Schedule Name: Pricing Schedules must be named in order to keep them separated. The best names are simple and easy to understand, like "Summer Camp" or "Tumble Clinic."

Count Students/Attendees By: This determines how the system should count the students or attendees of the same family in order to apply the discounts. For example, if left at the default of "One at a time", then Student #1 will pay full price and Student #2 will receive the discounted price. If it is changed to "Total," then the system will discount both students if there is more than one student.

Student/Attendee Deposit Table: This table determines how much a deposit will be. Only for use when accepting deposits at sign up! The deposit amount isn't required to save a pricing schedule.

Pricing Table: Determines the total amount due for the number of enrolled blocks in a camp, including discounts. Columns are considered Students/Attendees within the same family, rows are considered Blocks or scheduled time slots. For example, if a 5 day long camp were being held and students only meet once each day, then each day would be considered a block. So that camp would have 5 blocks or 5 rows in the pricing schedule.

However, if it was a 1 day camp and students would meet twice in that day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon, then each time they meet is considered a block. This camp would have 2 blocks even though it is just one day long.

Special Discounts: This is for determining special discounts like an Employee Discount, Service Discount, Member Discount, or an Earlybird (aka Early Payment) Discount.

How to Make a New Schedule

Details Tab

  1. First, create a name and determine how the students/attendees should be counted.
    There are two ways to count students/attendees: "One at a time" or "Total"
    If you are counting students/attendees "one at a time," that means that each student or attendee under a single family is assigned his/her own column in the pricing schedule tables below.
    If you are counting students/attendees by "total," then all of the students under a single family that enroll will be charged the amount corresponding to the number of enrollments. (For example, if two siblings enroll in the same camp at the same time, then they will be assigned the fees in column 2.)
  2. If you are using a deposit system, go the first table in the Pricing Schedule. (If you are not using deposits, skip the first table.) Enter the deposit amount into each cell of the Students/Attendees Deposit Table either as a dollar amount or as a percentage. If second or third siblings have a different deposit amount, enter that under the 2 or 3 cell respectively.
  3. Use the larger Pricing Table to enter the full amount for each student for the number of enrolled blocks. If offering discounts for siblings or for multiple blocks, have the price reflect the discounted amount in the correct cell. This table does not recognize percentages. 
    Simple Pricing Example: If this is a one day or one block camp for a flat price, simply put the price in the first cell on the bottom table and delete any extra rows or columns not in use.
    Complex Pricing Example:  In the table below, the camp charges $20 for the first enrollment, then $10 per additional day. If a student is enrolled for all 5 blocks of the camp, they are discounted five extra dollars to a total of $55 for five days. The columns to the right show discounted rates for the second and third students in a family. If a family were to enroll 3 students for the full week, the total price would be 55+50+45 or $150 total.

Special Discounts Tab

  1. To enter Special Discounts, click the Special Discounts tab at the top of the Pricing Schedule screen.
  2. Enter any special discounts as either a dollar amount or a percentage off of the price on the Pricing Schedule.
    If you are not using a particular discount, leave that field blank.
  3. Once all appropriate information has been entered, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. Click "Close" when completed.

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