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Tuition or Class Prices

Note: Both tuition prices and billing schedules can be created by navigating to Settings > Setup > Class Settings.

A tuition price is the non-discounted price for a particular class. It can also be considered as the non-discounted price charged per billing period or billing schedule (as defined by the calendar month, session or rolling session). 

For example:

For classes that bill hourly, you can create a tuition price called "hourly fee" where you charge $50 per hour spent in class over a week or over a billing period (calendar month, session or rolling session as determined by the billing schedule). 

For classes that bill a flat rate per billing period (calendar month, session or rolling session as determined by the billing schedule) you could have a flat rate tuition called for $200 that is billed, with proration being calculated according to the percentage of time the student is enrolled within that billing period.


Once saved in settings, these tuition prices will be available for selection when creating a class. (You must also create the appropriate billing schedules to match the billing frequencies for each of the prices before creating the class.)

In the next section, you will find more information onhow these two settings work together to determine class pricing.

How to assign a tuition to a class

When creating or editing a class, you will add the tuition under the Billing tab. Pair the class tuition with an appropriate billing schedule and add it to the class. You can attach multiple billing schedule and tuition pairs if you offer different payment options. There will always be a default billing pair (billing schedule and tuition) selected for new enrollments. This can be overridden by selecting a different billing schedule when creating an enrollment in the class.

In this example, our All Star Juniors class offers two billing schedules, Monthly and Session. The monthly schedule is set up to charge the Allstar Junior tuition rate of $180 when the monthly schedule enrollments are billed. The session plan is attached to an All Star Junior Session rate of $680 that will be assessed when processing billing for all session enrollments.

Be sure to select the appropriate billing schedule when enrolling students! This will allow the Class Tuition Charges to pick up those enrollments and the related tuition prices when billing classes globally from the Transactions page.

Below is an example with the All Star Junior Class. Since the default billing for this class is the Monthly billing schedule and this student's guardian wants to pay for the session rate plan, the enrollment's billing has been overridden to the session billing schedule.


After saving this enrollment you will see the information reflected in the billing schedule and tuition rate displayed under the enrollments section on the family or student. 


How the components of pricing work together

When running Class Tuition Charges, students are billed in groups by their selected billing schedule. The student is always billed starting with the tuition price associated with that billing schedule, minus any discounts and proration (if allowed). A tuition price can also be overridden on a particular enrollment in special situations. If the price is overridden, that is the price that will always be charged for a class or enrollment and discounts and proration will not apply.


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