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Billing Schedules

Note: To create/edit your billing schedules, go to Settings > Setup > Class Settings > Billing schedules.

The billing schedule is the way enrollments are grouped for billing purposes. Typically the name of the billing schedule corresponds to the frequency that tuition is charged for a particular class (Monthly, Session, Weekly, etc.) 

It also controls how proration is calculated with a setting called the Billing Cycle. If the billing cycle is set to Month/Session, then the software will prorate tuition according to any session or rolling session dates attached to the class. If it is set to Force Month, iClassPro will ignore any attached session or rolling session dates and use strictly the calendar month dates to prorate the tuition price for enrollments in the classes using that billing schedule.

Each class is assigned a Default Billing Schedule. This is the billing frequency that is automatically chosen for new enrollments. You can also attach secondary billing schedules to a class.

For example, you might offer your customers the choice of paying monthly or by session.  In the case that the customer would like to pay by session, you can select session as the billing schedule override when enrolling the student and the software will know to use the tuition price associated with the Session billing schedule each time the student is billed for their enrollment.

The billing schedule also determines which students get charged when using Class Tuition Charges from the Transactions page. For instance, if you attach the "Session" billing schedule to all your classes, when you run global tuition charges, all students who are enrolled in the "Session" billing schedule will show up in the preview with their class tuition, proration and discounts calculated out for you.

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