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Non-Class Programs

A non-class program is a program that is used for grouping fees and payments for non-class items.  By choosing this option when creating a program, you are creating a financial program or department, and as such, the program will not appear in the list of programs in the parent portal when searching for enrollments or as a selection to assign to classes or camps.

For example, you can have a program called registration fees (so you can track the income from these fees separately) that you do not want customers to see in the portal, but that you can attach to anniversary charges for better tracking capabilities. 

This also allows more detailed tracking for sales or competition and performance fees that are entered into iClassPro.

For example, you can have a program called "Pro-Shop" and use charge categories for each type of item you sell under Pro Shop. For example, a uniform. The financial reports would then break down entered charges by program, and charge categories used in association with that program. In this example, the Program Deposit Split report would show the total amount of payments collected for "Pro-Shop" and then show a specific amount for the charge category  "uniforms." You can also run a Category List Report to see this information by the charges that were created, both paid and unpaid over the same time range. This would give you an idea of what specifically was purchased, under what program of your business, and who has paid or still owes money for these items.

Essentially, non-class programs give you the features you need to track finances that are not tied directly to enrollments more accurately.


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