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What are programs in iClassPro?

Programs are labels used to organize the income for different parts of your business and split your classes into sub-groups. Each class in iClassPro is part of a program (Gymnastics, Cheer, Swim, Dance, etc.) To save time, set up all programs before creating classes. When creating a class, attach each one to a program.


There are a few things that should be considered when setting up programs.

All charges in iClassPro must be assigned to a program. By default, when you charge someone tuition for a class, that tuition charge is attached to the program of that class. Most financial reports can be sorted by program to see each charge or payment or the total charges and payments for each program.  Another thing you will want to consider when setting up your programs in iClassPro is that you can perform list sorts by Program. For instance, on the classes page you can view classes only for a particular program. When enrolling someone, you can find a class quickly by selecting the program assigned to that class. There are many more places where you can use the program to sort or filter results (Email blast, reports, etc.).

Lastly and most importantly, it should be considered how those programs affect customers. If the online registration or the Parent Portal features are being used, the programs can be set as visible by customers to help search for classes. If the programs are configured correctly, a user can quickly find the class they are looking for using programs as a tool.

Also see our article on non-class programs to find out what programs can be hidden from the Parent Portal.

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