Setting Up Multiple Locations with iClassPro

This article will review the options you have for setting up multiple locations in iClassPro. 

Billing Questions

iClassPro currently bills by the number of locations you use within the software. The subscription rate for access is $129 per month, per location.


Setup Methods

There are two basic methods for setting up a multiple locations in iClassPro.

1. Single Account with a multi-location toggle after login.

Billing Implications: Subscription Fee paid for all locations with same payment info.

Location Information: Families and students will be shared across locations.

Parent Portal: The parent portal will be shared between all locations, with a similar toggle option for customers to use. All charges and payments will be processed through the same family ledger, regardless of location.

Bookkeeping: All transactions processed through the software will use the same Gateway and Merchant account- thus having all income deposited into the same business bank account. Your business can use financial reports filtered by location to view charges and payments. 

Setup: If you are using a multi-location toggle account, you can easily create a new location by logging into your existing account and going to Settings>Locations>New Location.

Additional Notes: Multi-location accounts cannot be easily separated later on, so be sure to review the available information and ask any questions to a member of our staff before making this decision. There are some considerations to make when dealing with every day tasks in iClassPro if you operate out of a multi-location account.


2. Separate iClassPro Accounts linked only for the purpose of grouping parent/child accounts together.

Billing Implications: The monthly subscription fee can be paid as one total bill or separately per account. Similarly, the Gateway and Merchant accounts used can be the same or different for each account/location- depending on your needs.

Location Information: Families, students, and discounts will be tracked independently from one account to another. No data is communicated between accounts. Additionally, you can only be logged into one account at a time in any given browser. For example, if you have both the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on your computer, you could operate in two iClassPro accounts at the same time by running one account in each browser.

Parent Portal: Customers who do business at multiple locations will need to log into each parent portal separately online to manage enrollments and pay bills. The customer's email address and password may be the same across the business accounts, however, the information will be accessed via separate parent portals.

Bookkeeping: Just like families and students-- all reports, billing, discounts, staff members,  registration, communications, enrollments, etc will not be shared between accounts.

Setup: You can create a new account using iClassPro's Signup Page, then contact support to make the necessary billing adjustments to link your accounts. The staff member setting up the connection between accounts may require some form of verification of ownership for both accounts such as confirming billing info or other security information.

Additional Notes: Beyond relying on staff diligence, this method is the best way to ensure that all financial information within the software is entered properly for distinct locations.


If you have any additional questions about these different iClassPro account setups for multi-location businesses, please feel free to contact support via phone, email, chat, or support ticket.

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